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I’ve been helping financial professionals and business owners get more time to create better connections with their family since 2007.


Over that time, I realized it’s not about traditional business productivity tips and “how to get more done”.


Instead, I’ve found the key is to be working with your own spouse through the following 5 steps!


Step #1: Discovering your life values.

Step #2: Aligning your values with your goals.

Step #3: Prioritizing your time.

Step #4: Improving your productivity.

Step #5: Accountability with your spouse.


These 5 steps sound so simple at first glance…


Well, here’s what I’ve found over and over again:


It’s actually NOT that easy to complete all steps 1-4 by yourself and it’s NOT easy to get and stay on the same page with your spouse!


…But it is the most important key to saving time at work and investing it with your family


Are you hearing me? Can you relate?


Here’s what I think you’ll find VERY interesting!...


I’ve found that these 5 steps can unlock the way to getting you at least 20% of your time back!


And right now, I’m offering to share these steps and how you can begin implementing them to feel more balanced at work and home.


And I’m going to share it all with you for FREE! 


My team and I are opening our calendars just for those who have recently purchased the book for a free 1-1 Make Time Discovery Call. 

The entire goal of our call together is to discover what is stopping you from Achieving Balance!


Click Here to Schedule the Make Time Discovery Call.


Here’s what this Make Time Discovery Call will do for you:


  • Be more productive

  • Increase your income

  • Create boundaries for personal time

  • Live a more purposeful life


Here’s how the Make Time Discovery Call will go:


  1. We’ll immediately jump into how you are doing with your current work/life balancing act.

  2. Then we discuss the 5 steps (Values, Goals, Priorities, Productivity, Accountability) in more detail.

  3. After that, I will show you exactly where you can improve, so you can make more time to enjoy with your family.

  4. The call is 45 minutes and it’s packed full of value with no fluff and no crazy high- pressure sales pitch.


Here’s why I’m offering this for free:


I’m offering this free Make Time Discovery Call because it’s the information that changed my own you have likely read about in the book.


Every so often, at the end of these calls, someone wants to hire us to help them get past their blocks and Achieve Balance.


If you’re a good fit and you want to hire us, we can discuss that at the end of our call together.


Pretty simple right?


Okay, so if this sounds like a great fit for you and you’re ready to discover a better way to get more time with your family, then...


Click Here to Schedule the Make Time Discovery Call.


Chat soon!


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