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Dozens of entrepreneurs and professionals have engaged me in a coaching relationship

to help them make more time for their family and achieve their life's goals. Once clients are able to get a hold of their time we involve their spouse to help them keep to boundaries that they have set. 


If you would like to experience amazing results like these check out the Make Time Training.

Bryan Baker, VP Operations Client Focus

"Dr. Parry is amazing! He really helped my wife and I get our finances straightened out, helped us eat healthier, and improve the quality of our marriage and overall quality of life!"

"It was a great experience.  We were able to learn so much about prioritizing our life, finances

and become better communicators."

Eric Holbrook, Financial Advisor at D.A. Davidson Wealth Management​

"Great program to do together as spouses. The coaching and getting us on the same page relational and financially speaking was by far the most helpful result of going through the program."

Devin Stoker, Engineer at Jacobs

"It was worth every dollar for our relationship!"

Mick Poulsen, Insurance Agent at Farm Bureau

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