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San Marcos, Texas

May 30, 2019 

What if I told you I will personally help you create the Ultimate Time Management System for both your business and personal life in 5 hours?


 That's what we will do in the Make Time Online Event!

For 5 hours we will immerse ourselves into creating the Ultimate Time Management System that will enable you to live your values and achieve your goals through productive time management and accountability.


I'll help you discover your value-based goals and create a time management system that will help you be more profitable and live your life on purpose.


It's time to get serious about TRANSFORMING your life into the Ideal Work/Life Balance that you desired when you started your business.

It's time to Make Time for what your internal values are telling you!

It's time to get the Ultimate Time Management System.

Consider this my personal invitation to attend!

-Dr. Travis G. Parry

























































Many Financial Professionals and Entrepreneurs are overworked and lack the balance they need in their life-that their spouses and children are asking for!


The reality is that you are in a vicious cycle that regardless of getting ahead you seem to fall behind and continually get caught in time traps. 


Let's face it you are never just one more deal away from more time with your kids or one less late night away from a night out with your spouse. You likely are not living the dream working more than 50 hours/week and have no time management system to help you get out of the trap.


I'm going to assume that you've tried several solutions to help fix the problem. Maybe an app that will help you with productivity or a book that inspires you to time block. EXCELLENT, but this patchwork is just that.


The REALITY is that you don't have a clue to what makes someone consistent in managing their time and every day you are buried further and further, stuck in the time trap that awaits you. 

I know that you are likely suffering from less than ideal health, high stress, anxiety and/or depression, relationship problems, or even financial setbacks. 

Those apps or books aren't going to pull you out of the time trap that you are stuck in. But like most, you are holding out for the quick fix instead actually creating the Time Management System that will help you to always be in charge of your schedule instead of the other way around. Instead of getting stuck each day, why don't you actually take the time out of your already buried schedule and embrace the solution!

My name is Dr. Travis G. Parry and I have been helping financial professionals and entrepreneurs for over 12 years to Make Time to Live their Life on Purpose. They have seen health, relational, and financial results that are completely transformational!

I'm hosting the Make Time Online Event, a 5 hour online and interactive workshop to help you create and keep your Ideal Calendar with the Make Time Productivity System, where we'll break down how to get 20% of the time, you are likely wasting and invest that back into your personal life. 

The key to this Transformational System is the inclusion and successful workings of you AND your spouse. Yes, you can be somewhat successful on your own but if you'd like to really knock it out of the park, he or she will need to be your partner in your development!

As a Family Relations expert, I have created and tested how using your spouse to help you stay accountable is not only effective for your time management system but incredibly beneficial for even the best of marriages!!

In summary, you'll finally have a real plan for living your life on purpose and become the most productive you've ever been, thus resulting in increased business productivity (instant ROI) and personal fulfillment (unable to ever quantify).

Check out the details for this Exclusive Event below...Real Simple.

What's Covered

Here are a few of the strategies we will discuss in this event:

  • Values, Goals, and Priorities

  • Business Time Management

  • Business Ideal Calendar

  • Organization

  • Processing

  • 7 Protectors

  • Accountability Partner

  • Personal Time Management

  • Personal Ideal Calendar

  • Personal Goal Accountability

  • ...and much more!


I only host a couple of events per year like this one and it will be amazing! 

Each person who attends will get access to the entire Make Time Productivity System that is normally sold for $1,000, to revisit even after the Make Time Online Event is finished. This resource will have all the worksheets and videos to follow up with what you have learned on your own and will guide you through the entire process and keep you focused on being productive and balanced.

In this event, you will receive group help and one-on-one support throughout the event! Through the help of technology, I am able to have personal chats with each of you throughout the process and reach you even better than an in-person event could offer!

However, because we dive deep into each of these topics and it is such a personal experience, there is really only room for 5 financial professionals and entrepreneurs to join us. 


It's the perfect environment for really focusing on your business and personal systems to improving your overall life.



The Make Time Online Event is $500 > > with only $250 to secure your seat.

The ROI for this event will be far beyond the $250 for the investment into this event. Most find that once they put the Make Time Productivity System to use that within 30 days they see they are saving 15-20% of the time they were wasting!

On average a financial pro who is working 60 hrs/week and is worth at least $150/hr is saving $3,600/month in productivity!

ROI? You do the math smart financial guy!

How many hours are you putting in each week? (Yes, include all the hours at home on the weekends, etc. that you are catching up.)

What are you worth per hour? (even if you don't charge per hour)


With half of financial advisors working more than 50 hrs/week, I know that you will easily see a ROI that dwarfs that investment into this program. will continue each month and year into the future!

Is this  guaranteed? No, I cannot guarantee that in the 30 days after the event you don't put to use the principles you learned,



I am so confident in the value of this event for your business and your personal life that I personally guarantee the quality of it for up to 30 days after the event!

After 30 days, I'll ask you to confirm that the Make Time Online Event was worth what we are charging and if you are not 100% satisfied then we will NOT charge the remaining $250 for the remaining cost of the event.

The reality is that your ROI is HUGE and no one has ever asked for a refund for this event, so I don't expect that to be the case for you!

Does it get sweeter than that? Not quite!

Go ahead and click the button BELOW to reserve your seat!

Watch Harold's Raving Fan Interview excerpt of how the Make Time Productivity System helped him!

Listen to our Raving Fan, Michael's experience with the Make Time Productivity System

The Make Time Productivity System was able to help me tease those nebulous thoughts into a clear picture of what I wanted, and then to help me start rearranging how I was using my time so that I could start, even if only a little bit, living those ideas right now... for a whole-person transformation.

-Nathan G.

Anthony went from working over 80 hrs/week to only 35 all while increasing his income and reinvesting his time with his wife and children.

These results all came to these entrepreneurs and financial professionals who followed the Make Time Productivity System which made a huge transformation to their lives.

The same can happen for you! You too can experience greater clarity, less stress, greater income, and more free time to be with your loved ones, become healthier, and improve other areas of your life!


Most likely the best part of the Make Time Productivity System is the fact that it involves your spouse to help keep you accountable. This is the "secret sauce" of this system and it has been clinically tested for efficiency and was found to increase productivity and relationship satisfaction, individual health, and financial stability! 

Your spouse is here to help you keep you accountable for the Make Time Productivity System but also that the two of you work together in your own personal growth and development and achievement of your goals!


"Getting us on the same page was by far the most helpful result of going through the program. I feel like we are working together as a team…and finally set us on a positive course financially."


"The Make Time System helped me with personal understanding and growth, as well as in my marriage. Dr. Parry was kind, thorough, patient and incredibly knowledgeable. He gave us the tools to grow and improve in our marriage, parenting, spiritual health, and personal development. We gained many skills and tools to help find success on our own in managing our finances and preparing for the future. Working with Travis was well worth all the time and money invested!"


Schedule and Location

San Marcos.jpg
Screenshot (379).png
Screenshot (377).png

3 Days in San Marcos, TX

(A.K.A. San Marvelous)

Day 1 (Time Management)

Thursday, May 30

12:00pm-5:00pm > Workshop* 

        (New Online Only Option)

5:00-7:00 pm > Break for Dinner

7:00-9:00 pm > Evening Workshop*

Day 2 (Individual and Relational)**

Friday, May 31

9:00-5:00 pm > Workshop**

Dinner/Date night TBD

Day 3 (Financial)

9:00-3:00 pm*

Lunch break from 11:30-12:00

Venue: Splash Coworking

 326 N LBJ Drive

San Marcos, TX 78666

Additional Details

Spouse attendance is FREE, so bring him or her to help you make this a much more effective and enjoyable experience!


If your spouse is attending with you, he or she is welcome the entire time and recommended at the times with (*) and required at (**).

1. The first day begins at noon to give you ample time to travel to San Marcos in the morning to save you time and money. Spouses can browse the historic downtown, swim in the marvelous San Marcos River, or shop at the outlets a few miles a way.

2. The second day is designed for couples the entire day with coursework on breaking through individual mental blocks and building your relationship that all translate back to helping the business and keep balance. There will also be a Fun Date Night that if you choose to be a part of will take you on a river adventure in the beautiful San Marcos River. (Date night is on your own but organized by us)

3. The third day is for the financial aspects and is designed to help you scale and cashflow your business. After lunch for those wanting to stick around to learn more about managing your family finances together.



Food and Attire

There are no reserved room blocks reserved. Here's a couple suggested hotels within a few miles of the workshop location.

Fairfield Inn & Suites by Marriott 

1250 North, I-35, San Marcos, TX 78666

​(512) 396-0131

Click Here to Reserve

Hilton Garden Inn San Marcos

2131 N Interstate 35, San Marcos, TX 78666

(512) 878-4411

Click Here to Reserve 


Food is your responsibility. We have incorporated time in the workshop for snack breaks and meals.


Dress business casual. Spring in San Marcos is warm but the conference room is 72 degrees. Make sure to bring attire for swimming and tubing the San Marcos River. 


The events are optional but are designed to help you relax and upwind from intense training and reinforce principles learned at the event.

San Marcos, Texas

May 29,30, June 1

*PLUS a Newly Requested

Online Only Option*


1/2 Day Productivity Section

May 29th 12:00 noon -5 pm CDT


This will include everything from Day 1 for those who really need the productivity principles and aren't able to attend the entire 3-Day Event.

It will include:

  • Values, Goals, and Priorities

  • Business Time Management

  • Business Ideal Calendar

  • Organization

  • Processing

  • 7 Protectors

 Online Access for $200 until Friday 5/10/2019!

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