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Topics: Time is your most valuable asset, yet most financialpreneurs don't know how to balance it. Dr. Parry speaks on work/life balance from a fresh new perspective that helps to increase profits and productivity while also helping to improve relationships. He also enjoys discussing these topics in more detail in breakout sessions on time management and relationship management in combination with the keynote.
Keynote Topic: Living Your Life on Purpose
Title: The Work/Life Balance Myth: How discovering your life's purpose will give you true balance and help you reach your goals!

Overview: Has your passion for life been swallowed up in the busy work-life you have created? If you are like many financial professionals and entrepreneurs, you are doing your best to help your clients set and achieve their financial and life goals, yet you are failing to reach your own. Lack of Purpose is the #1 reason that financial pros and entrepreneurs are not as productive as they could be and it affects their work and personal life. Listen to Dr. Parry's inspiring story as a financial planner who discovered his true purpose, which in turn motivated him to achieve a more purposeful life and achieve true success! 


Breakout Sessions Topics on Productivity
 Time Management
Title: The Productivity Myth: Why most financial professionals and entrepreneurs fail at time management and what to do about it!

Content: Too many financial professionals and entrepreneurs are chasing the dream of so-called “Work/Life Balance” without being able to achieve it. While building and maintaining a thriving practice, one can easily slide into working longer hours in order to keep up with the changing industry and client expectations and spending less time with family. While most business systems focus on productivity, this rarely solves the problem by itself. Join this presentation to learn the 5 Steps to overcome feeling overwhelmed with too many responsibilities at work and not enough time at home.


Financial professionals will learn:

  • The importance of values, goals, and priorities

  • How to be productive without becoming a workaholic

  • Increasing income while decreasing the time spent at work

  • Create boundaries to improve work/life balance.

  • How accountability will help their productivity.


Relationship Management
*For Financial Professionals

Topic: Bridging The Relational Finance Gap: How to be more productive and profitable while serving married clients with relationships challenges.

Content: Have you ever met with a married couple who showed signs of relationship problems? Most financial professionals and entrepreneurs do and they are simply not serving them well creating a dip in productivity and loss of revenue! Dr. Parry presents the research behind the relational and financial gap and explains what every financialpreneurs needs to know to help at-risk couples. Financialpreneurs enjoy learning how to help these couples and learn what they might need to work on in their own relationships as well.


Financial professionals will learn:

  • What the Relational Finance Gap is

  • How it is affecting productivity with married clients

  • The vital principle to help married clients with Relational-Finance issues 

  • How Couple Development can help their clients and their own relationships


*For Entrepreneurs/Business Owners

Topic: The Myth of Personal Development: How developing as a couple is far superior to going it alone.


Content: There is no such thing as "personal" development! A bold statement to a multi-billion dollar industry. Fundamentally, all humans need each other not only for survival but they are the very source of the most motivating aspect of life. Although we know this as a fundamental fact, we as a society have become more individualistic than ever before. This ideal is causing trouble for society and marital relationships. Conversely, those who are happily married tend to report higher levels of happiness, relationship satisfaction, health, and wealth than those who don't. Imagine that your relationship was so good that you were able to act as built-in coaches for each other and help to achieve goals that you set not only for your relationship but for you personally. We will explore Couple Development as the solution to combatting individualism and the answer for human development.


Financial professionals will learn:

  • Individualism and its effects on society

  • The need for relationships and specifically marital relationship

  • The vital principles to Couple Development

  • How Couple Development can help to achieve goals




Bio: Dr. Travis G. Parry began his professional career as a financial advisor in 2002. After a series of life-changing events, he invested in his education and earned several degrees in behavioral science to understand stress, personal development, and relationships. He coaches financial professionals and entrepreneurs to help them be more productive so they can make more time for family and live their life on purpose. 




Travis Parry's presentation was not only eye-opening but captivating as well. A seasoned presenter for sure! 

-Stephen Thaeler, CFP, FPA Utah


"Dr. Parry was one of the highest rated speakers at our conference!"

-Bill Simonet, CFP, FPA Austin


I'd recommend Dr. Parry to anyone who wants to bring their financial planning or counseling to the next level!"

-Linda Jacob, Financial Counselor


"I found Dr. Parry's training to be incredibly refreshing and applicable to my daily practice. I cannot recommend Dr. Parry highly enough!"

-Anthony Badillo, CFP


"Dr. Parry was educational and worth my time. He just delivered!" 

-Scott Anderson, CFP






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