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Step 2- Personal Systems

Step 2 is having a personal system for the Individual, Relational, and Financial areas of your life in place. You know that having any of these important aspects in your life in crisis mode that it takes away from your productivity at work and disrupts the balance in your calendar. Taking the time you saved in the Make Time Productivity System and creating a system for each aspect of your personal life will enable you to be even more productive and purposeful in your living. 


However, this is not done alone. Many make the mistake of investing in "personal" development to improve their life yet they keep the person out of the process that will help the most to develop and improve; their loving spouse. Not only will this benefit you each individually, but because Time is the #1 factor in improving any loving relationship, your marriage will thrive!


The 2nd Step includes your spouse to help you create a system for each the Individual, Relationship, and Financial aspects of your life together! This will enable you to have the skills and abilities to each of your life's goals together! This process has many raving couple fans who have seen their lives transformed through the process!

Individual/Health Goals

Millions of people are trying to get healthier, have a better spiritual connection with God, find more time to relax and do hobbies they love. Others want to learn how to manage their stress and understand their emotions better. These are all individually related areas of life and fit this category and include:

  • Mental Health (Fun/Rec, Self-Improvement)

  • Physical Health

  • Spiritual Health



Relational Goals

The highest motivation in life is not personal achievement instead, individuals desire to get married, have children, and have quality relationships with all. These relationship areas include:

  • Relationship with Spouse

  • Relationship with Family

  • Relationship with Friends

  • Relationship with Community

Financial Goals

Money is that area of life that is necessary to both earn a living and use the income to manage a home and save for the future. Unfortunately, financial professionals' families can oftentimes be like the shoemaker's children if this is neglected and couples do not work together to help each other. In this area, Dr. Parry helps financial professionals earn a better income and work with the couple to manage it properly. This area includes:

  • Career 

  • Finances


"Dr. Parry is amazing! He really improved the quality of my life! His program and expertise helped me with personal understanding and growth, as well as in my marriage. He was kind, thorough, patient and incredibly knowledgeable. He gave me and my husband the tools to grow and improve in our marriage, parenting, spiritual health, and personal development. We gained many skills and tools to help find success on our own in managing our finances and preparing for the future. Working with Travis was well worth all the time and money invested!"


"We used to be disorganized procrastinators. We are more focused and organized with our goals, and making them a reality is more probable…you will have more success and organization in your life!"


"It was worth every dollar for our relationship!"

M. Poulsen

"Getting us on the same page financially was by far the most helpful result of going through the program. I feel like we are working together as a team…and finally set us on a positive course financially."


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