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Episode 9-Paraplanners improving productivity for financial advisors with Alex Hopkin of Simply Paraplanner. 

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Today's guest is Alex Hopkin of Simply Paraplanner.

Alex Hopkin, AFC®, CFP®, is the founder of Simply Paraplanner, a job board website connecting financial planning firms with virtual paraplanners across the country. Alex is on a mission to improve employment within the financial planning industry, guiding financial advisors to make smarter, more profitable hiring decisions, and providing paraplanners with the tools to create the environment that fits their lifestyle.


In this episode we discuss:

  • What paraplanning is

  • How paraplanning can help financial advisors to be more productive

  • The keys to outsourcing 

  • Greatest hurdles to using virtual paraplanners

  • How your practice will benefit and scale your practice

  • ...and much more

You can check out Alex's website at

To learn more check out the Make Time Productivity Course here.

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