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Dear Parent,
Thanks for downloading the Time and Money: A parent's guide.
The #1 reason why parents are unable to teach their children about money and time management is they lack the skills themselves. 
The 5 Tips for Spending More Meaningful Time will help any parent to spend more quality time with your child and the 81 paged Couple Development eBook helps parents to manage their time and money better.
I hope these resources prove to be helpful to you in your parenting pursuits.
If you would like to speak with me in person simply sign up for a Make Time Discovery Call. It's completely free and extremely helpful for those wishing to learn how to manage their time and money better so they can help their children reach their goals.


P.S. Just for downloading the Time and Money: A Parent's Guide, here is a bonus that I usually only give out to attendees of my speaking engagements.

Below is a pdf version of the meat of my Raising Money Smart Kids talk. In it is a list of developmentally appropriate tips that you can do with your child at any age! 

If you have any questions reach out to me at

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