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Welcome to the Make Time Podcast!

The Must-Listen To Podcast on Making Time to Live Life on Purpose.

Workaholics struggle every day to manage their time. In fact, most business owners work on average 72 hrs/week even though they'd like to be working less than 40! The problem is that most don't have a time management system or they aren't working the one they do have. Thus, workaholics struggle in vain in a cycle to break away from work and be productive and both their personal/family life and their careers suffer.

This podcast is designed to help business owners and financial professionals who struggle to make time for anything other than their business.

On this podcast, we will discuss the business systems that are needed to help you succeed in business and personal systems to help you make time to live a purposeful life.


You will hear from Dr. Parry and other experts in their fields that relate to both the personal and business sides of life to help you live your life on purpose.

Dr. Parry's informative and entertaining approach to this podcast will keep you hooked from the first listen!

Host-Dr. Travis G. Parry

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Podcast Episodes

Here are the latest podcast episodes for your educational enjoyment. Be sure to subscribe to the podcast to keep up with the latest episodes.


Episode 3-Alan Moore (co-founder of XYPN) Guest Interview

Episode 2-Why We Don't Achieve Our Goals and How to Change that in 2020!

Episode 1-Introduction to the Make Time Podcast