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3 Tips for Working from Home

Are you struggling with suddenly having to work from home?

Work/Life balance is even more important than ever, especially those who are new at this.

I have been working from home for more than 12 years now and have a few tips that can go a long way.

1. Be Organized

2. Have a Protocol

3. Protect Your Time.

Watch the video for more details on how to do these important steps to making work/life balance a reality at home! Work/life balance is crucial to maintaining productive workdays at home, staying healthy, and intentional with your family. ✴In response to so many questions about working from home and work/life balance, I have slashed the online Make Time course by 90% to $47 for the month of March.✴

For more information about Dr. Parry go to

Share this with busy business owners, entrepreneurs who crave better work/life balance!

Live Life on Purpose,

Dr. Travis Parry

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