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5 Time Management Tips for Better Balance (Fox News Interview)

Updated: Jan 25, 2021

1) Identify Your Sweet Spot. Find the 3–5 most important tasks to do during the workday and try to spend the majority of it on those activities. Delete, delegate, or automate the other lesser important tasks.

2) Use Your Calendar. Do not schedule anything without consulting your calendar. When you do make an appointment, do not overbook and give yourself space between appointments. Use this time to get a break and/or travel.

3) Close Your Email. Open email each day only when you intend to check and reply to email. Turn off notifications when it is not time for email. This is usually the number one distractor for advisors. You are helpers who want to reply and help clients with simple and complicated situations but save it for specific times throughout the day that you have set.

4) Delegate/Outsource. For those activities that aren’t a high priority stop doing them! Why are you doing a $7 task when you should outsource or delegate that to a team member. If you are a solo-advisor try and automate those tasks like calendaring, reminders, etc., before you hire someone part- or full-time to help you.

5) Track Your Time. Just like tracking your clients’ budgets or investments, tracking your own time and analyzing where you are actually using it will give you a good snapshot of where you are with your time usage. Advisors who make corrections just by analyzing the results and doing this exercise have found it to be very beneficial to utilizing time well!

Live Life on Purpose,

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