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Align Your Goals with the Scope of Values


Hey there, this is Dr. Parry with another Make Time Moment.

Hey, I had a great time on Thanksgiving, and the day after I was able to actually go shooting with my brother-in-law and my father-in-law, and we had a great time at an outdoor range at Carters, there in Houston, Texas.

Well, the reason I bring this up is not to just brag that I get to go shooting once in a while 'cause it's fun, but I found that I learned a really valuable lesson. And that was that oftentimes we set goals the wrong way. I've given five tips about how we set goals the wrong way in a podcast that's coming out here next month.

January one, I'm gonna roll out our first podcast on New Year's Day. Yes, New Year's Day, why? Because goals are oftentimes set the wrong way and I wanna be there for you at the beginning of the year as you start to set your New Year's resolutions and things you wanna do different in your business, and your personal life.

But one thing I will share with you right now, a little teaser before the podcast comes out, one thing that really stood out to me. And that is we oftentimes seem to shoot from the hip, right? I've got a handgun and I can shoot from the hip, and that analogy, or that phrase, comes from just hurrying up and doing something, right, and just trying to get it done, and trying to get to our target or our goal.

Well, as I was on the rifle range, I found that my father-in-law's gun, his .30-06, had a really nice scope. And he told me how to line that up just right, so that if I was consistent, and I was patient, and I could shoot that rifle the way I was taught in Boy Scouts with my father, my grandpa, and my Boy Scout leaders, that I could actually be really consistent. And so, while I didn't do as well in the handguns and kinda lost a competition to my brother-in-law, when we got to the rifle, he thought he could best me, twice. But because I knew exactly how scopes work, and how to really narrow in on that target, I was able to do a lot better than he did. Ah, I don't wanna say a lot better, sorry Dave, but I beat him.

I did better than he did on the competition, I beat him fair and square. But it was this scope, it wasn't necessarily myself, I'm not just an amazing shot from a 100 yards away. But we had several bulls-eyes, I just got more than he did on that paper because I was able to know exactly where that scope is.

But what does this have to do with goals? Unfortunately, a lot of us tend to shoot from the hip and go straight out to the paper and just bang, bang, bang. But with rifle, if we have a scope, if we have values, values represent our scope. If we have values, values will line up our goals. (Check out the full training on values here)

Oftentimes, we're really quick to set New Year's resolutions and set goals, but if we don't really understand what our values are and how those really line up with our goals, or if they're not aligned, then our values are actually working against our goals. And subconsciously, we're not really, truly wanting those goals to work out because our values aren't aligned, and our subconscious mind actually goes to work against us.

But, if we can work with our values and align our goals with our values, then our inner desire, our principles, the things that we care about, our guiding values in our life, actually work subconsciously on us every day to move us forward. We don't need external rah-rah all the time, I talked about Tony Robbins before. We don't need that every day if we have internal values that will guide us and line up with our goals.

Thought I'd share that with you today. I've got several other tips that are coming out, on why people don't achieve their goals, in my very first podcast here at the beginning of the year. The Make Time podcast, watch, and wait to subscribe to that, coming soon.

Hope this was helpful and remember to like and share this, and let others know about the content here on Also, you can go to the master class,, I'll put that in the link below.

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Have a great one, and remember to live your life on purpose.

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