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Alone Time is Productive Time

Hey there, I'm Travis Parry this is the Make Time Moment.

You know often times we spend so much time in the business and we don't get to spend time on the business and that might be just because we're so busy we're trying to be productive that we just can't break away we can't do it our personal lives.

Our health our relationships other things can crumble because of that so let me give you a quick thought that really helped me today.

I was into mountain biking a lot before I moved to Texas and finally I got myself a mountain bike and I was out in the hills here in the hill country of Texas. I was able to get on a ride today and while I was riding I was listening to some music.

I was all by myself, though I usually ride with others, so it's really good to have some solo time just to think. As I was riding I was thinking about the song that came on happened to be a Christmas song and an idea for me speaking during the Christmas season just clicked in my mind.

I thought that is great I've seen others do this very similar technique of speaking for businesses at the end of the year for their Christmas parties and to get them motivated for the new coming year and I thought that that's a beautiful idea!

It came to me because I was not working in the business I was out of the business. I wasn't working on the business, I was clearing my mind and it just happened to come to me.

So just a quick thought and a plug for this idea to get out get out of the business! Quit working so much in the business and sometimes even working on the business. There's conferences, and you know the financial planning industry is loaded with conferences (that I speak at). They're fun and everything but even then you need that personal time to get out and get personal.

Be alone and have those solo experiences where you can be productive that's my make time moment for today have a great one!

Live Life on Purpose,

Travis G. Parry, PhD

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