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Balance during the Endless Summer of Covid

As an advisor, has Covid turned work/life balance upside down for you?

For 99% of advisors that I've interviewed-it most definitely has.

Here are some tips that were generated from interviewing close to 100 of you for my new book "Achieving Balance".


COVID has turned work life balance on its head.

Financial advisors have struggled work life balance before these challenging times. Now with working from home, hybrid work schedules, and working parents at home with kids learning online, it has been wildly exacerbated.

Let me give you a few tips that can help you be successful during these times.

Physical Boundaries

Creating physical boundaries, have a home office if you can, or place it separate from other responsibilities really do need four walls.

Having this space will help you to disconnect at least psychologically on what's going on at home. I know of advisors who have already remodeled their homes to accommodate which is well worth it in my mind.

If you can't remodel, consider noise cancellation headphones and apps like Krisp that can cancel the noise behind you when you're on zoom calls, or even phone calls.


Dressing the part is essential. It helps you look and play the part.

Psychologically if you're wearing shorts and flip flops down below, but dress shirt on top, you're giving yourself mixed messages.

Also, if you have family members, this is a clear signal that you're working. My four-year old always knows when dad is working by looking at but he's wearing.

Family Support

Inform the family of your work and home boundaries and ask them to support and help you to achieve these goals.

Working at home with eight people and being daunting. Their support is crucial for me, they know my work hours and we work together to make sure I am supported and they know that I can be flexible if needed.

Creating these boundaries will help you to stay productive during these unusual times. In fact, several of my own clients have seen explosive increases and a time when many are struggling.

That's why I actually pre-launched my book achieving balance during this pandemic.

And it's already hit number one on release day. If you would like to learn more, go to and order your copy at the pre launch rates.

Plus I have some killer bonuses right now that could potentially help you save hundreds of hours of your valuable time.

Thanks for your support and remember to live life on purpose.

Buy the Book Today!

Are you struggling with time management and being productive?

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