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Breakfast Leadership Show interview with Dr. Travis Parry

Dr. Parry is interviewed on the Breakfast Leadership Show here:

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Dr. Travis G. Parry is the founder of the Make Time Institute, where they help financial professionals and business owners achieve work/life balance.

What’s unique about Travis, though, is that he spent nearly a decade working as a financial advisor as well and living firsthand the challenges of balancing the demands of an advisory firm with the needs of his family and home life before going back to school to earn a Ph.D. in family relations and human development and to study what it really takes to achieve a better work-life balance.

Most recently he published ‘Achieving Balance’ which is all about making time to achieve business and personal goals in an overworked world.

Dr. Perry shares advice on how to really achieve a better work-life balance and mythics around it. He is also open to all things time-management and productivity.

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