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Celebrating Goal Achievements

Updated: Oct 6, 2020

The best part of Goals, is FINALLY achieving them! 🎉🎉🎉

What are you doing to CELEBRATE when you achieve and complete goals??


I love the celebration, again. That's the psychology behind goal setting and achieving. It's one thing to set a goal but when we achieve it, are we celebrating it? Which brings me to my next thought on this whole goal setting aspect Joe and that is the relationship side.

So if it's just you and yourself, and you know, that's fantastic. What are you doing to celebrate? Are you doing something that's fun? Are you going to have an experience? You know, is there something on your wish list that you want to purchase or vacation you want to hit?

These things are important to us. I remember being a financial advisor and being in our morning sales meetings, and the manager would come in like Hey guys, I got this big thing for us. And there's this is this awesome thing that I want to give to you. I want you guys to increase your sales by this much and I'll give it to you. And afterwards that I talked to some of the advisors like, does that motivate you? Oh, that's stupid. Like Why does he not even ask us?

Hey, is this motivating to you guys? Does this really matter? So I think it's important that sales managers, sales professionals, they are in sync, because there's a relationship component there. If sales managers don't know what motivates their guys, or their salespeople, whoever that is, then that is gonna be a big issue when it comes to motivation. At home, you know, I work from home, this is a family business, You and Eleni working together, like you're a couple entrepreneur, My wife is always helping with things.

She's always, you know, making sure you know, we're ordering shirts, roving, promo stuff, we're looking at travel other things, and she's constantly a partner. So when I have big wins, she's the first person I tell. She's the first person that I report to. You know, it's like,

-Hey man, this awesome thing is happening. And so I think there's a relationship, at work, and at home, even if you're not working with your spouse, you can come home and celebrate those big wins every day, every week, every month, and that is part of the genius I believe of my program to help people be balanced because you can't just celebrate at work.

You gotta celebrate at home so that the family is involved, your wife is involved, spouse is involved, whatever your significant other so that you can keep going that motivation needs to be there. How does an ego thing like you mentioned, but simply as a relational component of the sales process.

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