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Do all family businesses have succession planning?

Ninety percent of the wealth in the United States owned by family-owned businesses and women-owned family businesses has increased by 37% in the past five years. Listen in as I interview Dr. Travis G. Parry, the founder of the Make Time Institute, about his personal experience in a family business and his professional work empowering families to talk about money and succession planning.

Dr. Travis G. Parry is the founder of the Make Time Institute. He’s earned several degrees in family and social science to better understand goal achievement and family relationships. He helps business owners and financial professionals be more productive at work so they can make more time for their own goals and family relationships.

Show Notes:

  • I had the pleasure of being a guest on this episode of Travis’ Make Time podcast to talk about how to make time and live life on purpose through breaking money silence. This podcast is designed to help business owners and financial professionals who struggle to make time for anything other than their business.

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