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Ep 1: Introducing the Balanced Advisor Podcast with Dr. Travis Parry

Welcome to the first episode of the Balanced Advisor Podcast! Today, we are introducing our host, Dr. Travis Parry. He will tell us why he saw a need for this podcast and what he hopes we can all learn from his future discussions with those in the financial advising field.




More About This Episode:

We are very excited to introduce the Balanced Advisor Podcast. A podcast designed specifically for financial advisors, aiding them in finding balance in their life and career. Our host, Dr. Travis Parry started his career as a financial advisor in the early 2000s. He saw the struggles that many of us go through in this field and decided to move into the personal development space as a way to help others.

In 2019, Travis started the Make Time podcast, which had a much broader audience. The show focused on the struggles many different kinds of entrepreneur’s face. As he wrote his #1 international bestseller, "Achieving Balance" he interviewed hundreds of advisors. In these interviews, he saw the need for a space where advisors could express themselves and learn from one another. So, he started to develop the foundation for the Balanced Advisor Podcast.

This podcast is part of a larger more comprehensive movement in the financial advising field. In the past two years, many of us came to understand the importance of work-life balance, stress management, time management, and other parts of our personal development. Finding balance makes us better advisors, partners, parents, and friends. As he did live events, motivational speeches, and other projects Travis truly saw the need for this podcast.

We will be speaking with advisors in the field. Learning from both those that have struggled and those that have succeeded when it came to finding balance in their own lives. There is much to learn from both sides. We are very excited that you are here to join this movement to find balance in the lives of financial advisors.

Helpful Timestamps:

0:39 – Welcome from Dr. Travis

0:52 – Why he started a new podcast

1:42 – A podcast specifically for financial advisors

2:35 – A part of the balanced advisor movement

4:09 – The goal of this podcast


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