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Ep 114: Better, Not Bitter- A Message Of Hope And Healing With Jeffrey Johnston




More About This Episode:

We are honored to have Jeffrey Johnston, ChFC, as our guest today. Jeffrey is the founder of Premier Investments of Iowa Inc. and co-host of the Premier Financial Hour radio show on WMT 600AM. He is an OSJ branch manager with over 33 years of experience and the author of the book This One’s For You.

After tragically losing his oldest son, Seth, to fentanyl poisoning at the age of 23, and his wife of 21 years, Prudence, to alcoholism, Jeffrey chose to become an advocate for change in the mental health space. Jeffrey founded the Living Undeterred Project to inspire individuals to live intentionally in the face of adversity.

In today’s episode, Jeffrey shares his story with us and opens up about his personal experience with addiction and grief. He joins us to discuss important topics, such as coping with stress, empathy, sympathy, and ultimately becoming “better, not bitter" in the midst of loss and hardship. He also sheds light on a mental health planning tool that he has in the works.

While today’s show focuses on heavier topics, such as mental health concerns, suicide, and alcoholism, we hope you will join us for this impactful and moving conversation with Jeffrey.

Join us today as we discuss these things:

  • 3:58 – Jeffrey reflects on the tragic loss of his son, wife, and mother, and discusses his transition from the financial industry to the mental health space.

  • 14:49 – Jeffrey shares the steps he is taking to overcome addiction and move forward toward a healthier life.

  • 23:49 – The mental health planning service that Jeffrey and his team are working on.

  • 28:32 – Why Jeffrey believes that poor delegation is one of the biggest issues people struggle with in the financial industry.

Where to find Jeffrey:

Brightn Your Life App:

Jeffrey’s Book:



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