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Ep 119: Self-Assessment and Investment with Roy Snarr




More About This Episode:

Today we are joined by Roy Snarr, CFF®, CLTC®, NSSA®, LACP™. Roy is an asset protection and long-term care specialist based out of Austin, Texas. He's the author of several books, including Medicare Doesn't Care and Social Security 101, which is part of the Snarr Academy book program. Roy educates consumers and financial professionals on the intricacies and critical importance of having a well-rounded retirement approach and has a wealth of knowledge to share with us.

A life-changing event led Roy to his career, when his mother became disabled after a bad car accident, losing her job, house, and car when he was 14. This struggle sparked a passion in Roy and led him down the path of selling insurance, with a mission to prevent others from experiencing the same difficulties.

In this episode, Roy talks about setting boundaries, prioritizing your time, and setting goals. He also talks about hiring and retaining great employees, budgeting, and the importance of self-assessment and investment.

Join us today as we discuss these things:

  • 1:24 – Roy shares his backstory and the personal experiences that led him to his career

  • 3:11 – The boundaries that Roy has put in place for his family

  • 5:59 – How Roy has been able to scale his business while remaining balanced

  • 10:23 – Roy’s secret for hiring and retaining the right people

  • 13:00 – How self-assessment and self-improvement lead to success

  • 19:36 – How Snarr Academy helps advisors become better in their industry


Learn more about Roy:


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