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Ep 17: Achieving Balance - A Bonus Interview with Dr. Parry and Derek Notman

Why did Dr. Parry write Achieving Balance? On both a professional and personal level he saw that advisors needed help and that many parts of the financial industry needed to be re-evaluated.



More About This Episode:

Our mission is to help advisors spend time with their families, focus on their health, and achieve balance. On today’s episode of the Balanced Advisor Podcast, we are sharing a bonus track from Achieving Balance which includes an interview with Dr. Travis Parry and Derek Notman. Why did Dr. Parry write this book? How can Achieving Balance help you be a better advisor, spouse, and parent?

Once an advisor himself, Dr. Parry felt the pull between being an advisor and running a business and he knew others were struggling with this balance as well. He hasn’t been afraid to confront the mistakes the industry is making when it comes to work-life balance.

After writing the first draft of his book, Dr. Parry saw that he needed to change his approach and rewrote Achieving Balance as an inspirational workbook for advisors. This way, he could give real and tactical advice to others.

A lot of his book focuses on building strong relationships. Which is super important when striving towards a balanced life. Whether it’s with friendships, partnerships, or family, relationships can be our anchor. Life isn’t always about productivity.

Dr.Parry includes additional resources for advisors in Achieving Balance. The book includes free courses, downloadable resources, and more to help advisors achieve their goals. He recommends an hour a week to prioritize working through the book and setting your boundaries. In this new year, we hope you take whichever actions you need to achieve balance and prioritize yourself!


1:21 – Why did Travis choose to write this book?

3:20 – Who was the book designed for?

5:41 – How should advisors use the book?

8:07 – Additional material with Achieving Balance

12:21 – Focusing on strong relationships

18:27 – The writing process and maintaining balance

25:50 – Creating connections and closing thoughts


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