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Ep 3: The Benefits and Balance of a Virtual Business with Derek Notman

The world is becoming increasingly more digital, including the financial industry. The days of cold calling and driving around town for meetings are less and less common. To discuss this shift to virtual work and how that affects our balance in life, we've interviewed Derek Notman, the founder of Conneqtor, a virtual advising system for financial advisors.

Derek started his journey as a financial advisor in 2006. By 2013 he knew he needed to change his business model to accommodate for more family time. So, as a way to give back to the advisor community, he started to develop Conneqtor allowing advisors to build a business model that was virtual or semi-virtual with a digital marketing platform. Not only was this revolutionary for what Derek calls "life-work" balance, but it was also an important innovation in an evolving digital world.

As we see younger generations enter the financial industry, they bring with them digital fluency. These new advisors also value work-life balance a lot more. This is something, Derek says, the older generations of advisors should take note of. We could truly have a successful and enjoyable career that is mainly virtual with live events or meetings sprinkled in. This is just going to be part of evolving with the market.

However, as we start to shift to work that can be done from home, or really anywhere, we must build healthy boundaries. It can be easy to work 12-to-15-hour days if you are working in a home office. Derek suggests finding your niche. Who are you as an advisor and who do you want to serve? Have an abundance mindset. It doesn't always have to be about the sale when you start valuing balance and boundaries in your career.

You can learn more about Derek and the innovative work he is a part of by visiting Conneqtor.

However, you can start re-evaluating your businesses and your life right now by sitting back, doing a self-assessment, and envisioning what you want your future to look like. TIMESTAMPS 0:44 – Introducing Derek Notman 1:22 – Journey as an advisor 3:57 – What is work-life balance for Derek? 7:01 – His observations of the industry 10:32 – Where is the industry going? 14:35 – Keeping balance with digital work 17:20 – Advisors evolving with the times 20:03 – Working with clients 23:56 – Making the transition to a niche 25:30 – Where can you learn more?

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