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Ep 61: Balance for You and Your Staff with Stacey McKinnon




More About This Episode:

Today’s guest is Stacey McKinnon. Stacey is the Chief Operating Officer and Chief Marketing Officer at Morton Wealth, an RIA with over 2 billion in assets in her management. She has dedicated her professional career to spreading the message of positive leadership inside Morton Wealth and throughout the financial services industry.

In this episode, Stacey shares how her journey to the financial industry impacts her hiring decisions, a problem with hybrid work environments that has been difficult to solve, and how her ability to maintain balance is rooted in her family.

Join us today to learn about these things:

· How Stacey left her job as a Wedding Coordinator and Fitness Trainer to join the financial industry. (1:19)

· She frequently hires candidates with no experience in the financial industry and has helped build their staff from 18 employees to over 50. (4:45)

· How compassion can lead to burnout. (16:43)


More about our guest:


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