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Ep 7: Preparing Advisors to be Effective Leaders with Blain Wease

Updated: Nov 4, 2021

As an independent advisor, building your own practice takes a lot of leadership skills. However, many financial professionals don’t have much experience in leadership or business management. On today’s show, we are speaking with Blain Wease, the founder and president of Provincial Development Group. We will be discussing the importance of leadership in avoiding burnout and some techniques you can start implementing today.




More About This Episode:

Most financial advisors don't have a strong background in leadership or business management. Your experience is in finance and building client relationships. As independent advisors, it can be difficult for us to effectively lead our team through proper communication. This may lead to a lack of business growth and personal burnout as we struggle to delegate simple tasks. To speak on leadership and sustainable growth, we've invited Blain Wease on the show. He is the Founder & President of Provincial Development Group. His company collaborates with advisors to give them skills in leadership, business strategy, and team development that they will need to reach their personal and professional goals.

To Blain, balance is something we are always striving to achieve. We will always experience times of unbalance. Maybe we are growing our business and working 90-hour weeks, but this cannot be every week. If you end up working long hours, it's important to find balance by taking an extra vacation or spending more time off around the holidays. Blain is helping advisors reach this state of balance by addressing the fear of losing control many of us deal with. As the founder of your advising firm, you shouldn't be doing tedious admin work when you have the capability to pass that on to your team. We have to be honest with ourselves and our employees if we want to reach sustainable growth in business and our personal life.

On today's show, we are going to focus on leadership development. We should be working on our business rather than in our business. This can lead to a better work-life balance. It's hard to walk the line between clarity with your team and micromanagement. Blain and Provincial Development Group help you become the best leader you are capable of being. To be clear is to be kind and this applies to yourself and your team.

Listen to the episode to learn more about:

  • Advisors struggling as leaders

  • What advisors can do to be better leaders

  • How we can let go of control and address our fears

  • Being honest and transparent in our business and lives

  • How proper delegation can help with work-life balance

Helpful Timestamps:

0:53 – Introducing Blain Wease

2:25 – Work-life balance to Blain

6:42 – Biggest issues for financial advisors

12:03 – What advisors need to consider

15:32 – Giving up control, addressing fear

19:29 – Honesty and transparency

23:19 – The art of delegation

29:38 – Delegation like manufacturing

31:25 – Working with Blain



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