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Ep 8: Financial Planning for Advisors with Brooklyn Brock

Updated: Nov 4, 2021

As advisors we spend a lot of time working on our clients’ finances and sometimes neglect to make a plan for ourselves. On our latest episode, we speak with Brooklyn Brock, founder of Ellevate Advisors. She is helping those in the financial industry develop a retirement strategy for themselves.




More About This Episode:

Financial advisors spend so much time working on their client’s financial futures that their own retirement plans can become neglected. Advisors need to acknowledge the importance of their own finances and retirement strategy. On today's episode, Brooklyn Brock, founder of Ellevate Advisors joins us. As a third-generation planner, she has first-hand experience seeing advisors work long hours and struggle to find financial balance. She started Ellevate Advisors to focus solely on serving financial advisors and preparing them for their business exit strategy and retirement.

To Brooklyn work-life balance means living intentionally and she wants other advisors to focus on this as well. She values the importance of relationships with her family, her clients, and her community. Financial planning and business planning is a way to live intentionally. A lot of advisors wear multiple hats, but they need to think about hiring associate planners for their continuity plan if something were to happen to them. It's all about taking care of your business, your clients, your family, and yourself.

Advisors can face multiple mental blocks when it comes to their own retirements. It’s common for advisors to say they don’t want to retire. Brooklyn is working to change this narrative. She is encouraging advisors to plan for retirement, for the benefit of themselves, their families, and even their business. Even if retirement is working part-time or starting a new adventure. Brooklyn encourages all advisors to meet with someone about their financial planning. It can help to get out of your own head. Today, she is going to share her knowledge on financial planning, continuity planning, exit planning, and how this all plays into balance.

Listen to the episode to learn more about:

  • Retirement and financial planning for advisors

  • Exit planning and continuity planning for the future of your business

  • How we can overcome mental blocks

  • Why our finances are intricate to our work-life balance

Helpful Timestamps:

0:51 – Introducing Brooklyn Brock

1:25 – Being an advisor for advisors

5:31 – Her definition of work-life balance

7:10 – Financial planning for advisors

12:06 – Struggles with balance

14:08 – Her personal experiences

18:30 – Getting advisors to think about retirement

21:53 – Working on mental blocks

24:36 – How Brooklyn helps advisors

31:08 – Exit coaching and continuity plan

37:36 – Learn more about Ellevate Advisors


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