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Honest Accountability is Vital to Success!

Updated: Oct 6, 2020

A vital key to work/life balance is having accountability with your spouse! Honesty is how you can create that without causing relationship strain.

Balanced Business Owners need:

  • A Make Time System

  • Internal Motivation

  • Habits that support their values order to combat the natural tendency to be a workaholic.

The greatest support outside of their own personal systems is their family...

and their spouse is the most crucial piece of that puzzle!!!

Couplepreneuers, whether directly or indirectly involved in the business, are vital to the success of the business owner(s) and the business itself as well as the individual(s) sanity outside the business.

It is a joint effort to have work/life balance.

How has your spouse (or a family member) supported you in your efforts to be a balanced success at work and at home?


Hey there Make Time family.

One of the best things we can do to increase our work-life balance and goals at home and at work is to have accountability.

As a couplepreneur someone who is married or has a spouse indirectly or directly related to the business working in the business, You are a coupleprenuer by my broader definition.

And I have found that couplepreneurs who are accountable to each other, who are honest with each other, can really make incredible improvement, call it personal development.

I call it couple development.

We go really far with our personal development, our time management, positivity, productivity, whatever it is we're working on, but as a couple, as a committed married couple, two individuals can be able to tackle; health, wellness, spirituality, finances, all those things that you know you have on your list of things to improve on.

What a great time during this slow down,shut down, whatever we want to call it, being unpolitical here, that we can focus in on how we can improve ourselves TOGETHER.

This is what couplepreneurs do, and I'm grateful to be married to an amazing person.

Angela is phenomenal for me, and I hope to continue to be half as good as she is for me.

When we are together, when we honestly talk, and honestly tell each other about the things we're trying to improve, our goals that we set for for our personal lives.

It allows us to go one level,greater. And that is that accountability that really allows us to be tied and be committed just like we are to each other to that goal.

If you're not in a committed relationship find someone that can help you to you know, be accountable.If you are in a committed relationship take it to the next level, by developing together!

Be accountable, be brutally honest, and help each other, now that doesn't mean that you get to stab at somebody else.

That means you need to be brutally honest with you, so that they can help be accountable to yourself.

That's the Make Time Moment I have for you today, and Live Life on Purpose!

End of Transcript.

Are you and your people adjusting to this "New Normal"?

Are you struggling with time management and being productive?

Like most other business owners/executives being productive without losing focus in a time that requires pivoting to online business is taking a lot of your time.

If you are a successful business owner/executive who struggles with time management, I'd love to speak with you for 15-30 minutes on a Zoom Chat about what's going on.

I'd love to hear of your struggles, challenges, and your concerns especially now when work/life balance just got turned on its head.

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