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How Find Time For Everything Important In A World That Demands Attention The Jimmy Rex Show

Travis is interviewed on the Jimmy Rex Show. You can listen to the interview here:

From the page of the Jimmy Rex Show:

My professional journey started in 2002 as a new financial advisor. I found a natural market with business owners and young married professionals. As my practice was building, I noticed that many of my clients needed more than financial advice, they needed advice about life in general. There were many clients who were unhappy in their careers, relationships, and overall health. I was unable as a financial advisor to give much more than financial planning advice, however, I had a desire to do more.

I attended multiple trainings and invested heavily in my own personal development. In one of these training sessions, the speaker put a challenge to the crowd that if they wanted to be on this stage to make the changes they needed to. I knew that he was speaking to me and I started to figure out the changes that I needed to in order to live my life on purpose and help clients with more than their financial aspects of life.

At this same time period, my father passed away suddenly and at a very young age. While it was a horrible experience I was inspired to make major changes about who I was and the direction that my life was being taken. My wife and I began to make health, relationship, and career changes that affected the rest of our lives and afforded me the education needed to help others to live their lives with true purpose.

I was working in the personal development space and saw many clients start and fail and return again. So many of them were individuals with poor or no relationships. I theorized that the breakthrough in personal development should come through marital relationships. Ironically, several marriages close to us at the time were ending in divorce and it pained me and wife greatly. This only fueled my desire to better understand how to help before couples needed therapeutic intervention. In 2010, I published the ebook, "Rescue Your Marriage: How Couple Development can Save Your Ship" and began coaching couples on this concept and saw great success.

The first couple that came to me had divorce papers ready and been to several therapists. They were in a really bad way financially and needed help with their overall health. When the coaching was over, they transformed their situation into a $50,000 financial cushion and were working together as a couple eventually opening their own family business.

In addition to this success, I saw first hand that personal development was anything but personal. My wife and I learned how to face challenges and grow together not in just our relationship but to reach our personal goals.

Couple Development turned from a theory into a practice. This helped me introduce the concept of Couple Development to UVU students and for whom I wrote and published a manual for in 2011, called "Couple Development: How Couples who Build Thriving Marriages are Healthier, Wealthier, and Happier."

I now speak and coach business owners and self-employed individuals to Make Time work for them so they can achieve their goals and am the founder of the Make Time Institute.

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