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Is Money Causing Problems in Your Marriage?

The official holiday has begun. Black Friday and Cyber Monday arrived with all the fanfare the retail world can muster. It’s also the time of year that guilt and/or comparisons kick in and budgets go out the window. And often along with it all—increased stress on many marriages.

If money was just about the amount of dollar and cents in the bank, I don’t think it would be one of the two biggest issues in a marriage. The truth is that it is about so much more—success, love, status, expectations, self-worth, etc. But most couples only talk about money in terms of dollars and cents. This is why they never seem to get anywhere. With many couples being dual-income, and more women having the higher salary, issues around money are becoming more prevalent. But they don’t have to in your marriage. Financial and relationship expert Dr. Travis Perry explains what makes money such a hot topic in marriage and how you can diffuse it.

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