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Updated: Oct 6, 2020

Are you a Yes-man/woman?

Financial advisors are helpers, trusted advisors, and even counselors-thus the tendency to say yes!

However, saying yes to everything really is saying no to your highest priorities.

Learn "How to Say No" in this latest video.

How do you say no?

What is a story that you could share with us about how to say no the right way? (Tactfully and honestly)


Well, if you can't find anyone, I mean, if that's the only way then, I guess so. Do you struggle with saying yes to everything? Is this causing you to double book your calendar, feel overwhelmed and stressed out? Is it hard for you to say no? Listen, many financial advisors I work with are super busy already work and other opportunities, but they find that saying yes is just kind of second nature.

They say yes to last minute questions, they have an open-door policy and they try to be there for all their clients, all the time. These, yes people, have a problem with saying yes. And it's not that these are bad things. It's just, they're typically involved in all of these groups, and saying yes to everyone at once. Here's a healthy dose of reality. It's actually really all about you. It's about what you value. You see, when you say yes to something, that you don't value, you're in reality are saying no to something you value more. It's really that simple. Most yes men, and yes women are either, not good at scheduling their time or they're afraid of hurting feelings or how they're perceived or both. Not scheduling and living in fear is not living life on purpose.

So how do you say no? Easy, you practice. No. Nope. No way, Jose. Absolutely not. Of course, you can be tactful and truthful at the same time. So, practice that too. It's usually not actually saying the word no, or yes. It's that you don't value your own time. Stop it now. Learn to say no. I really appreciate the offer, or for thinking of me right at this event, but right now I have some other priorities that take precedent. Thanks, but no thanks pal. I really do appreciate it, but I have to say no to this one. Start practicing. Whenever you feel like you aren't living your values or priorities. If you truly can't say no, then say yes to something else, or yes at a later time. You know I'd love to, but not this quarter. I'm not just saying no right now, but can I contribute maybe in another way. Joe, I can't do that but how about I do this.

Be creative and tactful, but don't give in. If you're used to being pushed around, this might actually be tough and others might see you as someone who will say yes. To those people you've built this reputation, practice saying no right up front. You know, Sally, I've struggled with saying yes to too many things lately, I've decided to make a change, and I'm saying no to things more lately. So on this one, I've got to decline. I hope you can appreciate that. Listen, people, I feel you, I've been there, but until you've learned to just say, no, you will always struggle with work life balance. So, in conclusion, just say no. Remember, live life on purpose.

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Are you struggling with time management and being productive?

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