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Make Time for Daddy/Mommy Dates

One of the best ways #financialadvisors can find balance is by making time for Daddy/Mommy Dates!

In fact, several interviewees who participated in the over 125 interviews I did for the #achievingbalancebook said that making time for family helped them to achieve balance!

One way that I try to keep balanced is by spending each Thursday afternoon with 1 or 2 of my kiddos on Daddy Dates, and we all enjoy it--even my 17-year-old daughter still loves to hang with her ol' man!!!

Daddy/Mommy dates don't have to elaborate.

They can be simple, like this lunch date I had with my 16-year-old...

Or they can be more involved, like this educational experience where my 7-year-old wanted to help her older brothers with an oil change!!!

I ask each child what they would like to do that month, and once a month I make individual time just for them to do what they'd like to...within reason of course. :)

Each Thursday afternoon, I make time on my calendar.

Past Daddy Dates we've done have ranged from changing oil in our vehicles, researching business ideas, playing at the park, riding bikes, making treats, to more elaborate activities like participating in all-day tournaments, going to the movies (back when that was a thing), and going to Escape Rooms.

It doesn't really matter what you do, but it does matter that you do something!!! They will remember your time together and will love you for making time for them.

It will help to remind you why you work so hard = win, win!!!

If you don't have children or grandchildren of your own, consider involving yourself with youth groups at church or in your community or Big Brother/Big Sister types of programs.

Achieving Balance is a work in progress and while my Daddy Dates aren't always perfect and sometimes get postponed or plan B is used, it helps me to achieve balance!

What is your favorite Daddy or Mommy date idea? Please share with us!

Live Life on Purpose,

Travis Parry

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