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Make Time Moment-Progress

Hey there, I'm Dr. Parry welcome to another make time moment I've talked in

the past about spending some time to look at your 2019 goals and reviewing

what you've accomplished.

I know I focused a lot on values and I'll continue to hammer that to help you

understand how that's related to time management says making time is always

about making time for what you value.

Before I set my 2020 goals I actually did an exercise that I mentioned here is

just kind of reviewing the year but then also looking at your progress.

Progress is Key!

As I wrote down my breakout year of 2019 becoming an international

speaker visiting a couple of different countries I've never been to before and

being able to coach and influence hundreds of people.

Obviously that's the business side right but what about the personal side? what about the personal accomplishments like spiritual and the

physical health?

These other areas that I really value. I can tell you right now I didn't achieve everything that I'd like to achieve so I wrote myself a little note. I wrote a note to self and I explained to myself the good things that I was able to accomplish. Better yet who I was able to become in the year 2019 and how that's going to help me in 2020.

So my Make Time Moment for you today is before you finish editing these goals for 2020 make sure that you review your progress and in 2020 make sure that as you set your goals they're based on your values-those things that you really hold dear or else you won't be looking at progress.

This year you'll be looking at achievements and checkmarks make that the emphasis.

I waited until the end of this month. I spent most of January thinking about, pondering even reading scriptures and praying about the things that I want to accomplish in my life trying to receive that inspiration that I need.

I talked to my wife I talked to my family and I've been able to each and every year come up with a theme and this the theme for this year is to share more and receive more. I do believe that that's not only the law of the harvest-the scriptural base but it is something

scientifically proven in relationships and in wealth building.

When you share you receive!

So this year my progress as I'm going to be measuring it is gonna be about what I share. How much content I share information that I share I have a wealth of knowledge and experience with a client helping them make time for their family and reach their goals.

I'm excited to share that journey with you and look forward to hearing from your progress!

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Stay in touch with me throughout 2020!

I seek to achieve my goals and help you achieve yours!

Remember to Live Life on Purpose,

Travis G. Parry, PhD

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