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Morning Routine

Updated: Jun 25


As I've been doing some book interviews,

I've noticed that people who were consistent,

those who were killing it with work-life balance and productivity...



Hey there Make Time Family. Good Morning to you!

We all have an alarm clock, an alarm, something that sets us off in the morning that gets us up, to wake us up, and get us out of bed.

But do we have a MORNING ROUTINE? As I've been doing some book interviews, I've noticed that people who were consistent, they're killing it with work-life balance and productivity...They have MORNING ROUTINES!

My morning routine is: get up, say my prayers, read scriptures, study, journal, write!

And I have a great workout at home that I do and have a good breakfast, and I begin the day! That's ALL before I get to work, and get started on anything else.

If your morning routine is getting up, going straight to your laptop, checking all your email, your LinkedIn, posts, and messages, you probably are missing out on something! If you want to have great work-life balance and motivation throughout the day, You need to have a STELLAR, MORNING ROUTINE!

Those of you that do, I'd LOVE to hear about what YOUR morning routines are! Go ahead, and share with this post, what you do in your morning routines.

What ONE THING gets you motivated for the rest of the day?

Thank you, and remember to Live Life On Purpose!

End of Transcript.

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