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Persistently Achieving 🙌

Are you battling trying to achieve your work goals but aren't being persistent enough?

This video talks about:

*being persistent in your work goals

*achieving them because of your persistence

How can you be more persistent and achieve your work goals?


I will tell you this. I'll tell you a real quick story and I'm going to plug the book because I have to, I can plug pre-order July 13th, but I wrote this book Achieving Balance. I have had this as a goal of mine for probably 12 years back in 2007, 2008. I started getting really serious about this idea of writing a book.

I've been researching how to do this since then I did a master's degree, a PhD. I thought I had to do all these other things, looking back. Yeah. A lot of that was probably helpful and it was good. But I probably could have written a book back then. That would have been great, and this could have even been better. Right?

So, I think that we just need to start we just need to decide if we're going to take action and then be persistent with that action, so I wish that I was more persistent with this and for the next 30 days, I'm going to be persistently marketing this, the Achieving Balance book, because I think it represents not just a book, not just content, but a represent something that I've been trying to work on for a long time. That's helped people with their productivity and life balance.

End of Transcript.

Are you struggling with time management and being productive?

Like most other business owners/executives being productive without losing focus in a time that requires pivoting to online business is taking a lot of your time.

If you are a successful business owner/executive who struggles with time management, I'd love to speak with you for 15-30 minutes on a Zoom Chat about what's going on.

I'd love to hear of your struggles, challenges, and your concerns especially now when work/life balance just got turned on its head.

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