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Social Media Tips

Are you an advisor who struggles trying to engage on social media but it ends up being a time-suck??

I find there are two camps on social media-the ones who parrot the same messages copying and pasting the same bland messages to their saturated audience and those are authentic and true.

The "parrotted" ones get very little engagement and comments, those who are authentic are much more successful.

Talking to advisors-they tell me that compliance, time, and creativity are all issues.

I can help you with time...not so much with compliance and creativity :) Check out this week's vlog.


You capture their attention, get them in something emotional and get them something that is helpful, right, and that they enjoy watching and learning from. And then they'll ask "Hey, what's goin' on? "How are you helpful to me?" Then they become an interested contact.

Well let me give you some quick tips so that you're not spending all of your time. We talked about some time-sucks on social media and LinkedIn being one of them, Facebook, ect. But I think what we need to have is some time that we have in our Ideal Calender. Right, I'm always gonna say that.

Make time for this activity!

Well, make time for it and then don't jump back to it throughout your day. If you can't contact somebody in their email, a lot of times you can message that person. 'Cause that will go to their email. Or, when they jump on LinkedIn, they'll see all of their messages there. And it becomes a collection point. I talked about this in my challenge last week.

Be careful that your social media doesn't become a collection point. So, what I do is I actually have all of my LinkedIn messages in my email go to one box. I have a rule set up so they go there. And then when I want to, when I'm being proactive on my calendar, I go to that LinkedIn inbox, I click on it and I see who I wanna respond to. So that I'm not, at a whim, with my notifications going off on my phone or notifications showing up when I pull up LinkedIn to try to get my attention, so I can stay focused.

Bookmark Social Media

The other thing I do, is I have a bookmark for my social media where I can say here is the home page of these groups. So I don't just type in Facebook and go to my Facebook newsfeed and be like oh, wait what's going on with the election, or COVID, or riots, or ... "Look at that cat video." "What cat video?" Yep, squirrel. Right, and then we'd get lost. That's exactly what happens. Distraction, distraction, distraction.

But if you can be proactive, great. I have been using some systems. One is called AgoraPulse, the other one is called Buffer. I've used those systems to help me post. And AgoraPulse allows me to actually see what people are saying about me all in one spot on all of my social media platforms. You pay for that service, but it's a premium service. It's time helpful. Not a time suck, where a lot of social media is.

So if you're gonna be on there, and you're gonna do it personally, then set boundaries for yourself so you don't get lost in social media land. Know that your time is money.

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