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Stop Multi-tasking With Your Browser

Updated: Apr 11, 2022

How many browser tabs do you have open?

On average #financialadvisors have anywhere between 20-30 tabs open at a time!

This decreases your ability to focus on the project at hand.

Check out this straightforward tip to start being more efficient with your browser today!


All right. So let's just say I had all these different browsers pulled up, and things I wanted to accomplish and do. Okay. That's all wonderful.

However, you can see this is a personal thing. Somebody told me about a new test, that's for heart attack prevention. Again, it was on a podcast, and I pulled this up, and I was looking at it, and I left it there.

There's this clickfunnels thing I want to do for my book launch in March, that's a project. In fact, what I did here is I, I pulled up these people on Upwork.

And by the way, if you've never used up work, just another little tip, you can get freelancers, all sorts of people to work on projects for you. Very effective, I formatted my book, I've been able to get a book cover, and through sources like this.

But anyway, this is connected to here. I've got my Amazon thing ready to pull the trigger on on something else. tab up anyway, I got all these tabs. And actually, before this, I had to actually pull some of these up. They didn't have them.

But what I want to show you is actually there's a construction loan thing I'm thinking about doing. There's there's reviews I want to take care of, there's all these different tabs, well, we should not have more than maybe three tabs, even though we can we do have like a dozen, or maybe two, you know, two dozen at a time.

What it does is it it actually because we visually see things, which it's easier for us to multitask back and forth, we'll start a project, I'll look up something about bulk ordering on Amazon, or like, oh, man, I should hit that LinkedIn message right about my post. And this is this is unfortunately, where some of us get caught.

And this can be a collection point if we're not careful. Because what we'll do is we'll put something up, you're like, Oh, I want to look into this artery test. I'll get to it later. Well, instead of doing that, if you find yourself leaving some tabs up that you're not currently working on, then copy and paste and go to your calendar, or your task list or whatever. And let's say I know I need to do this on Friday,

I'm just going to drop in here, check out this artery test that a lot of times I can do that. I'll put the location in as a website. Save and Close. It's on my calendar. Now I know I'm going to I'm going to get to it and go back to my Chrome browser.

And I can kick it off. Does that make sense? I know I've shared this tip before, but I think it's important. And unless we're actually working on a project that requires like three, these tabs like I can kick this out. I can kick this one out. Let's just say I was working on this Amazon project. It doesn't need the bank thing it doesn't need anything else.

That's fine. These are all related. That's that's made time method approved. Makes sense. But if you're not then you then you're giving yourself an option to multitask and waste. time because you're gonna be switching back and forth.

And I know it doesn't work. But we try to kid ourselves and we try to think, well, I can do it. This is once we find ourselves in a 15 minute project. But wait a minute, what was I doing? It's, it's an easy thing to get stuck in.

So that's, that's my tip for you guys today.

Live Life on Purpose,

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