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Take Decisive Action

Updated: Apr 18, 2022

What is stopping YOU from taking decisive action??

Don't let your fears stop you. Take action TODAY!

Below are two helpful, real-life stories to help you.


Okay everybody, the tip for this week is actually based on two stories. One story is about a lady trapped in her own fears and behaviors. She really struggled. I did a great interview with her the other day, and I found out that her fear of failure was a big struggle for her.

She realized that she was trapped with this fear, and wasn't able to take any action. It surrounded her. It created a barrier around her that stopped her from moving forward.

Taking action is important, but what kind of action? I call it decisive action. Once you have made up your mind and you know what might be blocking you or stopping you from doing something, then you need to just do it.

Maybe you struggle with managing your time in general or making time for your personal life. Maybe you know you need to work out.

Whatever it is, once you know what's blocking you from doing it, then you need to bold and take decisive action. It could be buying a gym membership. Maybe you need to set aside time to work out at home, or you need to get a workout buddy.

Whatever it is, take decisive action. It doesn't have to be complete. It doesn't have to be perfect. Sometimes perfectionists get so caught up in creating this elaborate plan, that they never get anything done, right? But being bold and taking decisive action will move you in the right direction. Things will get bigger and better, until they become amazing!

For example, let me tell you about my microphone. I had a microphone for two years, and it was great. It seemed to be working just fine for me--until the other day. I was on a podcast, and the host said to me, "You know, Dr. Parry, you did great. It was a fun podcast. However, your mic needs to go."

I said, "What do you mean?"

He said, "It's not allowing us to hear your voice--your tenor voice, the way it should be." I tried to adjust the settings, but he said, "It's not about the settings, so it doesn't matter how you change it. It's that microphone."

That day I made a decision that instead of purchasing some software for the company and doing an upgrade that I was hoping to do, I took the funds and bought this microphone setup. And it wasn't really that expensive, but I took decisive action right away. And it was delivered to my door the next day. Thank you Amazon Prime. (I digress.)

But the reality is, I got probably got started with the wrong microphone at the very beginning. I've recorded several podcasts. I've recorded tips. I've been on coaching calls every week with this microphone. And I thought it sounded amazing until I received word that it didn't.

The feedback about my microphone was great. And then it was up to me to take decisive action, and I did it right away! Maybe someday I will have a better setup and a whole room that's just devoted to podcasting and speaking virtually. But I took one simple action that needed to be taken right away.

What actions do you need to take? What are the things that get in the way of you taking decisive action? I'd love to hear from you right now.

Live Life on Purpose,

Travis Parry

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