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Vaulting Fear

Updated: Oct 6, 2020

Don't let fears keep you down!

In High School-I did that crazy sport Pole Vaulting and it changed my life!

We have fears that we have learned throughout our lives that keep us from reaching our goals.

They are subconscious and subliminal.

Learning to get past them is the key to reaching your goals.

To do this one needs to:

😨 Discover what's the fears are (Typically Failure or Success)

😨 Uncover hidden values that can work to psychologically overcome your fears

😨 Take immediate and consistent action towards reaching your goals!

Every day I work with clients to help them Discover, Uncover, and Act to achieve their goals.

If you would like to see if this might help you schedule a 15-minute call today.


In high school, I did pole vault. Pole vault is incredibly technical. I was running around the track, and my coach would try pole vaulting. And I watch it the first day and the first day I tried it, I cleared five feet, I thought, okay, maybe I could do this. But the crazy thing about pole vault, you have to take this big long pole it's like 12 feet fiber glass, you have to count your steps backwards.

And then you actually have to pace yourself and run and run and sprint and run with this pole. And you have to find out how many steps exactly does it take to get to the box. Then you need to lower the pole, drop it in, let it slide, and it'll hit the other end of the box, which brings the pole up and it bends jump with the pole at the lift. And the only way you get over those high Heights is when your feet are above your head. Once your feet are above your head, and you're parallel with the bar that you're now holding upside down.

That's when you twist your body in a 180. You have to simultaneously throw the pole away. And then you try to land on your back softly in a nice little pad. Talk about fear of failure. I watched people try that over and over again. In the finals, at the end of that year, I saw a guy who was better than me and he was going up at higher heights, he was hitting the standards, and one time he even fell off and didn't even hit the pad. There are other sports out there that are probably more dangerous. But this one is all about your mind. It's all about your mental capacity. And I knew that if I could get over my fear of doing this, I could do anything. And I think that's where we need to get.

We need to realize, what are our fears? Is it fear of success that's going to hold you back? Are you afraid of failing at something? If you are, it's going to prevent you from ever even trying? And somewhere along the way, you need a coach, you need some help. You need someone that can point these things out to you. Because as I was doing this as a pole vaulter, I had a great coach. He was like "Travis, you're doing this wrong. You got to fix this technique. You're doing great here, keep working." And as I did that, I was able to get better and better and better.

And eventually, I got over my fear completely. I think that carries me through a lot of my life. And it's allowed me to come out and say, "Guys, I'm doing a PhD. Yeah, you know me. I'm the guy that barely got a B in English class. I'm doing a PhD. Oh, and by the way, I'm starting a business. Yeah, pretty much right when the economy is going to the tank. Oh, and yes, I'm writing a book on work life balance. And I'm interviewing people and I'm starting a podcast." Like all of these things, that most others I think, just fight, flight or freeze, because they're afraid.

I've had to learn to get through. And I've paid a hefty price, lots of coaching, lots of mentors. It's not something that I've necessarily done on my own. But I think once we do get through, there is no ceiling. You can become who you really want to become. You can have those values in reality and you can reach your goals.

End of transcript.

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