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Work-Life Balance with Dr. Travis Parry with Team Gantt

“Because we see career as a means to the end, we tend to not give ourselves boundaries.”

The topic of work-life balance is often talked about in a way that positions it as a benefit to an employee. It’s something you might feel lucky to achieve. But what if you were to think about work-life balance as a necessity to live a healthy life? In this episode, Brett speaks with Dr Travis Parry, an experienced speaker and author of the upcoming book, The Productivity Myth. He helps people to find balance through his coaching work at the Make Time Institute.

In this episode, Brett and Dr. Parry discuss:

The myths of work-life balance

How work-life balance is personal

How to create boundaries and set priorities for yourself

Tips for managing day-to-day tasks and goals

How to create an ideal calendar

Time management tips

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