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Attention: Professionals and entrepreneurs that must find more time in their day right now!

How Would You Like Me to Personally Help You Become More Productive at Work, Create More Balance Between Work and Home, Build More Meaningful Relationships, and Experience a More Purposeful Life… for FREE?


From the desk of Dr. Travis G. Parry

Writing from my home in San Marcos, Texas


Dear Friend,


I have an exclusive FREE invitation for you below.


However, to understand this special invitation, let's talk about the highly overlooked topic of “time management” for a minute:


Your current time management system (or lack of it) is more than likely costing you precious hours with your family and thousands of dollars in your bank account.


Even if you already have a time management system, it’s probably working like a “duct taped” machine running on all four cylinders… just waiting to explode!


So, let’s do a quick reality check:


I think we both know TIME is one of the most valuable assets we have.


But it’s not just time that’s valuable… It’s having the skills to spend the right amount of time in the RIGHT PLACES… Now that’s a highly valuable skill in your business and life!


The old saying is definitely true, “No one on their deathbed is going to say they wish they had spent more time at the of ice.”


Here’s the most baffling thing (but all too common)
I see daily...


Most of my clients are business owners and professionals that started their career because they wanted to spend MORE time with their family.


However, you’ve probably already guessed it’s the exact opposite result that happens.


Far too many entrepreneurs end up getting caught up in the providing for their loved ones without being able to spend the time they anticipated.


Check out what recent research on time with family is revealing:


1 in 4 parents feels too busy to spend enough time with their kids…


8 in 10 parents feel they don’t spend enough time with the children overall…


In fact, the average family gets just 34 minutes a day together ‘undistracted’


And fathers admit to only spending 7 minutes per day with their kids!


Look, I totally get it.


Life isn’t easy.


Life can become extremely overwhelming and stressful.


Business and career can be highly unpredictable.


Here’s what I’ve found over the years:


Work/Life Balance Trap” is at first justified because of starting up the business or practice and the hope of more flexibility in later years.


But the children come and they grow older and before you know it they are gone and grown.


Where did the time go?


How did the children grow up that fast?


What did you (or didn’t) teach them?


Or how about your marriage… How did that go?


Where’s it headed now? Will it last?


Or perhaps it’s already over!?


Freedom without boundaries can be a painful master


If you are like many of my clients, you have missed birthdays, anniversaries, ball games, or plays because you were working long hours that you yourself have created.


Life and business do NOT have to be this way!


Every day, I see my clients get more time with their family than they ever thought possible. Within just weeks, they are saving up to 20% of their time and able to put it towards their family and the things that make them feel alive...


They’re getting more done at work, in less time…


They’re building a more systemized business that provides more predictable income…


They do not only have time to attend their kid’s birthday party but they can be the one planning the whole thing…


They’re on the same page with their spouse and have the time and energy to build that incredible life they dreamed of when they first starting dating.


Listen to what Anthony said when I first started working with him…


I have a 6-figure income from a job that I love but it takes me away more than I am home. It has taken a huge toll on me, my relationship with my wife, and our kids. I suffer with addictive behaviors to deal with the pain and stress, our marriage is struggling-we are not on the same page financially or parenting, and my kids really don’t feel like they have a Dad. It’s killing me, because this is not what I want for my life! I am just so stressed out and have no time to do it all.”


Sound familiar? Can you relate?


Michael Gerber of the E-myth explains very well how that desire to open the business and follow your dreams can easily become the boss you never wanted.


That leads to my special invitation :-)


My Special Invitation for You:


If you struggle to make the time needed to strengthen your relationship with family members because work is taking you away, then I invite you to be part of a Make Time Discovery Session and learn the 5 Steps to make more time for your family.


These 5 steps are part of a proven formula that will enable you to spend more vacation time with your family and spend less time at the office wishing you were there.


These steps were created for my own clients after the past 15 years of helping couples with relationship and financial issues, consulting business leaders with their time, and 10 years of study and research...


So this doesn’t come from theory and I’m not talking about another general “time management” strategy.


The Make Time Discovery Session is a LOT more than that!

Here’s what you will get during your
Make Time Discovery Session


We will discuss each step of the Make Time Productivity System and how it can turn your empty promises of that family vacation to Disneyland (or anywhere else) into a reality.


  1. We will uncover your true goals and needs for spending more time with your family

  2. Help you pinpoint the blocks that have inhibited you in the past from reaching these goals

  3. Explain the 5 steps and how they can help to get you past your most difficult roadblocks and issues

  4. Get the blueprints of the only proven time management system that is designed by a family scientist to not only help you be more productive at work but to invest that time with your loved ones 

  5. Recommend a course of action that would best fit your situation and goals


That means you’ll have the “playbook” to:


  • Have more time to enjoy with your family

  • Feel more balanced at work and home

  • Create more meaningful relationships

  • Experience a more purposeful life


Once we’ve completed our call together, you’ll walk away with a much clearer understanding of what is stopping you from achieving your goals and the direction that you need to go - with a clear plan laid out in front of you.


You too can begin to experience a more balanced and purposeful life like Anthony who before working with me was struggling with making time for his family and is now experiencing more time with his wife and children and is living a more meaningful life!


Here’s How the Session Will Go:


  • We’ll immediately jump into how you are doing with your current work/life balancing act.  

  • Then we discuss the 5 steps (Values, Goals, Priorities, Productivity, Accountability) in more detail.

  • After that, I will show you exactly where you can improve, so you can make more time to enjoy with your family.

  • The call is 45 minutes and it’s packed full of value with no fluff and no crazy high- pressure sales pitch.


What the Make Time Discovery Session is NOT


This free Discovery Session is not an over-hyped sales pitch.


I will give you honest feedback about your current situation and solve the time management problems in your life and business.


Here’s Why I’m Offering This for Free:


I’m offering this free Make Time Discovery Call because it’s the information that changed my own life...


Every so often, at the end of these sessions, someone wants to hire me to help be more effective at work and get more time with their family


And if you’re a good fit and you want to hire me, we can discuss that at the end of our call together.


Pretty simple right?


Okay, so if this sounds like a great fit and you’re ready to discover a better way to get more time with you family…


Here’s what to do next...


Okay, so if this sounds like a great fit for you and you’re ready to discover a better way to save more time for the people and things that matter most to you, then apply for your Discovery Call right now.


CLICK HERE and you'll see questionnaire to fill out real fast. I just need to know a few things regarding what your career is, where you currently spend your time, and the biggest goal you have out of our time get together.


After you complete the questionnaire, I’ll send you an email to schedule whatever appointment time works for you.


Once you complete the questionnaire and schedule your time, we’re all set!


The call will go 45-60 minutes, and it will be the MOST AMAZING time you’ve ever spent working on gaining more time back into your life.



I open limited hours each week for these Discovery Calls on my personal calendar, and there’s only so much time.


It's impossible for me to work with more than a handful of people, so it is FIRST COME, FIRST SERVED.


If you feel like this is a great fit for you, CLICK HERE to complete the questionnaire, then schedule a time, and we’ll chat soon!


-Dr. Travis Parry

Creator of the Make Time Productivity System™



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