Dr. Travis Parry has been featured in the media as he helps workaholics make time to balance their lives and achieve goals.


Interview with Michael Kitces on the Financial Advisor Success Podcast.
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Interview on the Jimmy Rex Podcast.
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Interview with Eric and Harry on the Lead Sell Grow Podcast.
Interview with Alex Sanfilippo on the Creating a Brand Podcast
Interview with Chas Wilson on the Connect Share Prosper Podcast
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Interview with Syed Bilal Wasimon on the Skill Ranch Podcast
Listen to the Podcast Interview with Dr. Doares on her WebTalkRadio show
Happily Ever After
Interview with Dr. Kathleen Burns Kingsbury on Breaking Money Silence.
TV Interview with Jeff Crilley on the Jeff Crilley Show.
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Interview with Adam Torres on the Mission Matters Business Podcast.
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Interview with Dr. John Schinnerer on the Evolved Caveman Podcast.
Interview with Bob DePasquale on the Speaking of Impact
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Interview with Mark on The Mark Struczewski Podcast
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Listen to the Podcast Interview with George Grombacher on the Money Savage Podcast
Listen to the podcast Interview with Michael Sobkiw here.
Interview with Brett Harned on the Time Limit Podcast.
Interview with Kat Daniels on the Teachable Soul Podcast is coming Soon!
Interview with Kurt Kersey on the Financial Planner Growth Show.

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