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Balance is not Equilibrium, Balance is Making Time for our Highest Priorities!

-Dr. Travis Parry

I am a Balance Expert who speaks to Financial Professionals and Business Owners (in-person or virtually.)

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Keynote Topic

Achieving Balance: The Make Time Method to Reach Business and Personal Goals in an Overworked World!

Description: Business Owners and entrepreneurs are 5X more prone to being workaholics than the average American. However, because of our society, we tend to wear our workaholism like a badge of honor causing us to get caught in the Workaholic Trap.


Being stuck in the Workaholic Trap can lead us to burnout at work from all the stress that running an organization can give you. It can lead to neglecting your spiritual, mental, or physical health resulting in gaining weight, experiencing depression and anxiety, or losing connection with God. Our relationships with our spouse, family, and other friends and loved ones can lose their once sweet savor.


Most of us turn to time management hacks and tips to try and claw our way out of the Workaholic Trap and achieve better balance, but we come up short. This may lead us to give up altogether and exclaim, "There is no such thing as Balance!"


Once we are stuck in the Workaholic Trap, the enemy Chaos we are fighting will feed us several myths to keep us there. The first one Chaos throws at us is believing the traditional definition of work/life balance; that somehow it is an equilibrium and we can and should do it all!

Balance is not equilibrium, balance is making time for our highest priorities! You have to say no to say yes, create boundaries, and a structure to then manage your time. But how do you do this with all the stress you are already feeling, is it even possible to achieve balance?

In this interactive keynote presentation, Dr. Travis G. Parry, bestselling author of "Achieving Balance", will teach you the truth about getting out of the workaholic trap and achieving true and lasting balance. He will identify the myths that Chaos has taught us and teach the four principles of the Make Time Method. Once you are inoculated with the myths of Chaos and armed with the L.I.F.T. formula of the Make Time Method you will be able to break free of the stress and anxiety, have better physical and spiritual health, improve your relationships, and achieve your business goals in a balanced and healthy way.   ​​



Or Call/Text Directly (737) 216-8463

Virtual Speaking

Speaking to you from here to anywhere!

Overview: Your team needs help with balance, scaling, and everything in between! But don't know where to start? Don't want to pay to ship Dr. Parry to your door? No worries! Dr. Parry does virtual speaking from his office to your office. Or to multiple offices if you all work from home or have multiple offices.



Using Technology to benefit you.

Overview:  Dr. Parry uses current and up to date technology to give you seamless streaming and speaking. With three different angles from which to present, he keeps the speaking engaged and moving. His camera, a Sony 6100, films in 4k and delivers a beautiful, clear picture for you to see. By having different angles he can show himself speaking, move the camera angle to see a white board, or shoot from the side to mix up the speaking. Videos are recorded onsite through our computers and can be saved so your team can rewatch it again and again. Or for those who can't make it, watch it at a later time.






"Travis spoke at a conference with some of our leading financial planners in the U.K. His session was both inspiring and practical. Helping financial planners help both themselves and their clients live a life full of purpose. An excellent speaker."

-Jacqueline Lockie, CISI


"Travis is an excellent speaker. I have enjoyed attending several of his presentations and they are content rich. I believe his message helps others to change their life and live it with intention."

-Laura Coleman, Family Money Coaching

Travis Parry's presentation was not only eye-opening but captivating as well. A seasoned presenter for sure! 

-Stephen Thaeler, CFP, FPA Utah


"Dr. Parry was one of the highest-rated speakers at our conference!"

-Bill Simonet, CFP, FPA Austin

"Dr. Parry was educational and worth my time. He just delivered!" 

-Scott Anderson, CFP

“I'd recommend Dr. Parry to anyone!"

-Linda Jacob, Financial Counselor


"I cannot recommend Dr. Parry highly enough!"

-Anthony Badillo, CFP




Or Call/Text Directly (737) 216-8463

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