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We don't manage time, we make time.

-Dr. Travis Parry

I speak to entrepreneurs and financial pros about how making time for your family is key to achieving business and personal goals.

I have spoken for local events and keynoted at national/international conferences since 2009 to financial professionals, business owners, and religious organizations.

If you are looking for an entertaining and educational speaker to help your business or organization, reach out to us and let's work together to make your event an excellent experience!

Keynote Topic

​​Live Life on Purpose: How to Make Time in a Workaholic's World.

Overview: We are living in the most exciting time in the earth’s history with so many opportunities to succeed, however, we get so busy that we often forget the reason why we work, our families. Business owners (including financial professionals) are prone to being workaholics 5 times more than the average American. Unfortunately, society and even time management experts have us focusing on 3 time management myths that may be exacerbating the problem.


Learn the truth behind these myths and how making time for family is the key to solving the work/life balance puzzle in this inspiring and educational speech that has inspired audiences to live their lives on purpose. 




"Travis spoke at a conference with some of our leading financial planners in the U.K. His session was both inspiring and practical. Helping financial planners help both themselves and their clients live a life full of purpose. An excellent speaker."

-Jacqueline Lockie, CISI


"Travis is an excellent speaker. I have enjoyed attending several of his presentations and they are content rich. I believe his message helps others to change their life and live it with intention."

-Laura Coleman, Family Money Coaching

Breakout Topics for

Business Owners

How to achieve your individual goals by overcoming limiting beliefs.

Overview: Limiting beliefs and poor emotional/stress management keeps individuals from building strong mental, spiritual, and physical health. Learn from Dr. Parry the individual system that his clients have used to overcome limiting beliefs and achieve their individual goals.



How to achieve relational goals by developing an out-of-this-world marriage.

Overview:  Strong marital relationships are not only the most important source of happiness in life but it is essential to achieving all of your relationship goals. Learn from Dr. Parry the relational systems that have helped his clients communicate, make decisions, and increase intimacy in all areas of married and family life.




​​How to achieve your shared financial goals.

Overview: Money is the most emotional and problematic topic for any American family, however, most don't have a system to manage their family's finances let alone a clear plan of how to use this tool to achieve their goals. Learn from Dr. Parry how to create a family financial system that will help you keep and use your hard-earned money. 




I'd recommend Dr. Parry to anyone!"

-Linda Jacob, Financial Counselor


"I cannot recommend Dr. Parry highly enough!"

-Anthony Badillo, CFP

Breakout Topics for

Financial Professionals


​​Breakout Speeches on Family Relations for Financial Advisors or Client Appreciation Events

Title-The Family Factor: How understanding family systems will help with the generational transfer in family-owned businesses.

Overview:  Family businesses are the backbone of the American Economy yet only a small percentage of these firms transfer to the next generation. While 40% of owners are set to retire in the next few years, less than half have found a successor. Financial advisors are in a great position to help these businesses make it to the next generation, however, most are not trained to understand the complexity of family dynamics.  Financial advisors will learn how to guide family-business owner clients through this time of need with the right kinds of tools that will not only help the business but improve the family at the same time. 

Attendees will learn:

  • The family systems approach to solving generational transfer.

  • The basic concepts of family systems to use in advising your clients.

  • How family systems will improve generational transfer.

Topic: Bridging The Relational Finance Gap: How to be more productive and profitable while advising married clients with relationship challenges.

Audience: Financial Pros (CFP, CPE, and Insurance CE)

Content: Have you ever met with a married couple who showed signs of relationship problems? Most financial advisors do and they are simply not serving them well creating a dip in productivity and loss of revenue! Dr. Parry presents the research behind the relational and financial gap and explains what every financial advisor needs to know to help at-risk couples. Financial advisors will learn how to help these couples and learn what they might need to work on in their own relationships as well.


Financial professionals will learn:

  • What the Relational Finance Gap is

  • How it is affecting productivity with married clients

  • The vital principle to help married clients with Relational-Finance issues 

  • How advisors help their married clients improve

Travis Parry's presentation was not only eye-opening but captivating as well. A seasoned presenter for sure! 

-Stephen Thaeler, CFP, FPA Utah


"Dr. Parry was one of the highest-rated speakers at our conference!"

-Bill Simonet, CFP, FPA Austin

"Dr. Parry was educational and worth my time. He just delivered!" 

-Scott Anderson, CFP




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