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"Travis has a wealth of knowledge on managing time effectively and balancing work, family and personal" -Kobus Klein CFP, South Africa

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"Travis session was both inspiring and practical. An excellent speaker." -Jacqueline Lockie, CISI, UK

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Keynote Excerpt

I am a Professionally Trained Keynote Speaker who speaks about Time Management, Stress, and Money.
(in-person or virtually)

Or Call/Text Directly (737) 216-8463

“Travis was not only eye-opening but captivating as well. A seasoned presenter for sure! ” -Stephen Thaeler, CFP, FPA Utah


Balance Over Chaos: How to Be Productive Without Falling into the Workaholic Trap!

DescriptionEffective time management is vital in today’s time-starved yet information-rich environment. Especially for service-based business leaders and their teams!


Our own best efforts to manage our clients and to-do lists leave us needing another day in the week for all we have left to do. Most of us turn to time management hacks and tips to try and claw our way out of the workload with time left over to rush to the ballgame or recital, but we come up short! This leaves our teams struggling to keep up and our families and health neglected.


So, how do you do this with all the stress of running your schedule, leading your team, and being there for your family?​


In this interactive and engaging keynote presentation, Dr. Parry will teach you The Make Time Method for defeating the Chaos in our lives. Attendees will learn the 3 Myths Chaos has used to push you into the Workaholic Trap and will leave empowered with the four principles of the Make Time Method to fight off Chaos and live a more productive and balanced life.

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Or Call/Text Directly (737) 216-8463

Virtual Speaking

Dr. Parry has a virtual speaking studio setup to speak anywhere!

Your virtual event would be amazing with an engaging speech on balance. Dr. Parry speaks virtually from his office to your office or your client's screen. He has been presenting virtually since 2012: way before it was ever a thing! 

This is especially a great option for those events where budget is an issue or gathering all of your team is not feasible. 


It can also be used as an add-on for an after-event follow-up to ensure the principles taught can be more effectively integrated.  


Or Call/Text Directly (737) 216-8463


Dr. Parry's audiences love his high impact breakout sessions!

Many event organizers take advantage of Dr. Parry's versatile teaching style of educating 5-50 in smaller breakout sessions or follow-up training to the keynote speech. 


We can delve deeper into the L.I.F.T. formula in any area of the group needs more work. These sessions are less inspirational and more educational in nature to better utilize these concepts in real life!

Or Call/Text Directly (737) 216-8463

Book Signing and Engagement

Dr. Parry keeps a very engaging profile off the stage

While some speakers jet-set in and high-tail it out of the event, Dr. Parry likes to take a very engaging and social approach.

Whether it is signing books with enthusiastic attendees or interacting with the other speakers and attendees, he is there to support the event and you as the event organizer. Making the time to interact isn't always the easiest road but it is valuable to the event attendees to interact with the speakers they came to see!


When you book Dr. Parry you don't just get stage time you get book signings and engagement that audiences love! 

Or Call/Text Directly (737) 216-8463


"Travis was one of the highest-rated speakers at our conference!" Bill Simonet, CFP, FPA Austin
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Or Call/Text Directly (737) 216-8463

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