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3 Tips for a Better Vision Board

Updated: Jul 13, 2021

At our house, we do vision boards!!! (even my 4-year-old does it)

How do you remind yourself about the goals that you have set??

Unfortunately, vision boards have been done wrong for a long time.

Some believe that they should put a bunch of pictures of their dream house, dream body, dream car, dream this or that...

The reality is all of that is just a dream...unless they become goals.

Goals are based on values in each area of life.

...and unless those goals become automated with priorities and the right amount of time and energy go into achieving them, they won't ever happen!

While all of my family members did them totally differently as you can see.

Some had it very organized some just pictures and one handwritten piece of paper-love her!

Whatever it is for you here are a few apples from the teacher to consider:

1. Organize your vision board with goals in priority either left to right or up and down-it helps to psychologically remind you of balance

2. Use a picture to remind you of the goal you are most concerned about in each of the 10 areas of life

3. Connect a value with your goal to remind you of what you are becoming not just doing!

Vision Boards don't have to take a lot of time but it can be very worth it!!!

Last year I reached 100% of my top 6 goals and Vision Boards were key to that success.

Use them today and give your goals a boost!

Live Life on Purpose,

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