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5 Ways Financial Advisors Can Manage Their Time Better

Podcast with Paul Thompson


5 Ways Financial Advisors Can Manage Their Time Better // Running a financial advisory firm is absolutely something to be proud of. However, the chaos and stress of managing as a financial advisor can often lead to health neglect and the eroding of otherwise good relationships. Running a financial advisory firm can also cause mismanagement of personal finances and can eventually lower your overall quality of life.

Dr. Travis G. Parry is the founder of the Make Time Institute and the author of Achieving Balance. But he is also a former financial advisor who really gets the problems and challenges of running an advisory practice. While most business owners and financial professionals go into business for time and freedom, many end of overworking themselves to make it all happen.

In this video interview, you will learn: 👉 5 ways to manage your time better as a financial advisor 👉 How to avoid the workaholic trap (and dealing with “work creep”) 👉 How to identify your sweet spot 👉 The 4 top time wasters for financial advisors 👉 How to use “delegate, delete or automate” properly in your practice Thanks again to Travis, for joining us in this episode.

Check him out here: Find out more about his book: Finding Balance: The Make Time Method for Advisors To Reach Business And Personal Goals ...In An Overworked World 💡 GET FREE TRAINING: How We Generate High Net Worth Clients Using Only Linkedin & A Simple 3 Step Process. 👉 Access The Training DOWNLOAD OUR FREE LINKEDIN PROFILE TEMPLATES FOR FINANCIAL ADVISORS:

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