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Achieving Balance While Building Influence with Kobus Kleyn



More About This Episode:

Today we are joined by Kobus Kleyn, CFP®, a financial expert who has built a strong personal brand and established himself as a thought leader in various fields. With a substantial LinkedIn following, Kobus has gained recognition by fully embracing the digital realm. He operates a virtual practice that is 99% remote, with an emphasis on work-from-anywhere arrangements, all while prioritizing a balanced lifestyle.

In this episode, Kobus talks about his transition from the corporate world to embracing virtual work and explains how his mindset around balance dramatically shifted throughout his career. Today, he travels to amazing destinations throughout South Africa with his wife monthly, prioritizing his personal well-being and still reaching his professional goals.

Don’t miss this thought-provoking conversation as Kobus shares the key factors that have enabled him to successfully scale his business while prioritizing the ones he loves most. We discuss investing in a well-trained staff, building your personal brand, leveraging technology, fostering meaningful connections with clients, avoiding workaholism, and much more. Kobus will also talk about his newest book project, Accelerate Your Brand.

Join us today as we discuss these things:

  • 3:42 – Kobus’ transition from the corporate world to embracing virtual work while traveling and exploring Africa

  • 10:26 – How training and empowering staff, utilizing technology and automation effectively, and prioritizing existing clients has helped Kobus maintain balanced growth

  • 16:07 – Establishing your personal brand on social media + the power of writing and publishing books for your business

  • 21:09 – Kobus discusses his new book, Accelerate Your Brand

  • 26:35 – Kobus’ words of advice for our listeners: “If I did not live my balanced lifestyle, if I did not work on it, my life would have been disappointing”


Learn more about Kobus + get your FREE copy of Accelerate Your Brand:


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