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Achieving Work-Life Harmony with Stephen King




More About This Episode:

We had the pleasure of speaking with Stephen King, CPA, for this week's podcast. Stephen has nearly four decades of experience in accounting system design, technology innovation, and management advisory services. He has worked for companies such as Ernst and Young and Amnesty International, where he managed growth from 6 million to 18 million, and even started the first virtual accounting firm, Virtual Growth.

Despite achieving commercial success by starting the largest outsourced accounting business in the U.S., Stephen realized that his quality of life was suffering due to excessive work and travel. His perspective on work shifted when he moved to Texas and met a CEO who taught him the importance of working to live, not living to work. He then founded GrowthForce, an outsourced accounting department for service-based businesses and nonprofit firms, with a focus on living a purposeful life and maintaining a healthy work-life balance.

In today’s episode, Stephen discusses the significance of priorities and intentionally allocating time for health, family, work, and community involvement. He talks about the importance of mental, spiritual, and physical well-being. Join us for an insightful conversation about scheduling time for what matters most, setting realistic expectations, avoiding workaholic tendencies, and much more.

Join us today as we discuss these things:

  • 0:37 – Stephen shares the story of his upbringing, his passion for accounting at an early age, and losing balance throughout his entrepreneurial journey due to an intense work schedule

  • 5:17 – The moment that changed Stephen’s perspective on work-life balance and jumpstarted his passion for living a purposeful life

  • 11:51 – Scheduling intentional time for mental, physical, and spiritual health + having accountability partners

  • 18:13 – The importance of realistic expectations, prioritizing personal fulfillment, and aligning your long-term vision with planning to avoid workaholic tendencies

  • 22:04 – How GrowthForce helps other business owners have balance


Learn more about Stephen:

Path to Profits at GrowthForce podcast:




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