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Balancing Business and Parenthood with Adam La Barr



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Adam La Barr is an Air Force veteran, father of three, coach, real estate investor, and business owner.  He is the founder and CEO of RAL Capital Group and host of the BizDad Podcast. He is also the co-owner of Active Duty Passive Income, which helps coach and mentor military members, veterans, and their families on how to invest in real estate around the globe.


After serving in the military for years, Adam faced a pivotal moment when he realized that the demands of his career were taking a toll on his family life. He opens up about his transition from the military to entrepreneurship and the lessons he learned about balance along the way.


From implementing effective systems in his business to involving his children in entrepreneurial discussions, he has a wealth of wisdom to share with entrepreneurs, parents, and military members. Stay tuned for a great discussion on finding a healthy workflow, staying present and proactive at work, communicating with your loved ones effectively, and more.

Here’s some of what we discuss in this episode:


2:02 – Adam’s journey from the Air Force to becoming a successful entrepreneur and real estate investor

5:21 – How Adam is working to help military members with real estate investment and dad entrepreneurs find balance

11:20 – Adam’s journey with work-life balance + the strategies he’s implementing to find more balance in life

15:36 – Keeping up with your calendar + staying present and productive at work

20: 31 – Focusing on what you can control and responding thoughtfully in entrepreneurship, parenting, and life

24:46 – Talking with your children about your business


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