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  • Travis Parry

Building a Business and Life You Love with Jason Wojo




More About This Episode:

Today we are joined by Jason Wojo, the CEO of Lifeonaire, a company on a mission to help people create a vision for their ideal life and build a business that supports that vision. Jason's story is a powerful journey from the corporate grind to discovering the true meaning of work-life balance.

In this episode, Jason dives into his early career hardships, where he was consumed by work and struggled to find time for the things that truly mattered in life. Following a tough divorce, Jason embarked on a transformative journey towards redefining his priorities, finding a more balanced approach to life and work.

The turning point came when he discovered Lifeonaire. Under the mentorship of Steve Cook, Jason learned the power of a “life first" approach to business. Today, Jason and Steve have joined forces and are on a mission to spread this message to others who feel trapped by their work and want to regain control over their lives. Listen in as Jason proves that it’s possible to create a business that complements your life, rather than one that competes with it.

Join us today as we discuss these things:

  • 1:55 – Jason reflects on his past struggles with work-life balance, and the “life first” approach to business that completely transformed his life

  • 10:56 – The importance of understanding the purpose behind wanting to scale your business + finding ways to scale that do not compromise your quality of life

  • 16:09 – The three things that have contributed to scaling Lifeonaire successfully: finding a target audience, utilizing automation effectively, and learning to delegate the right way

  • 27:04 – The importance of having a vision and a well-defined plan to achieve both business success and a fulfilling life.

  • 33:58 – Learning from others who have achieved balanced success


Learn more about Jason:

Lifeonaire Book:

Lifeonaire Facebook group:


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