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Building A Business With Intention with Michael Port




More About This Episode:

Today we are joined by Michael Port, American entrepreneur, author of 9 best-selling books, and angel investor. After spending a decade delivering thousands of paid speeches on the world's biggest stages, Michael sold his first company, Book Yourself Solid® Worldwide. Alongside his wife Amy Port, he founded Heroic Public Speaking, dedicated to nurturing the next wave of thought leaders, CEOs, founders, bestselling authors, and business owners.

Join us for an incredible conversation with Michael, as he discusses the dynamics of working as a couple in business and the conscious choices he and Amy have made to ensure their work-life harmony remains intact. He reflects on the power of setting boundaries and guardrails to protect family and health in the fast-paced entrepreneurial world.

Throughout the episode, Michael emphasizes the importance of intentional transformation. He unpacks the difference between sharing information and creating true change, stressing the significance of crafting a transformative experience for clients. He also encourages entrepreneurs to prioritize building something that genuinely aligns with their own desires and values and shares valuable advice for cultivating growth while staying true to your priorities.

Join us today as we discuss these things:

  • 1:30 – Michael’s decision to step away from speaking early in the development of Heroic Public Speaking

  • 5:33 – Focusing on your highest priorities in order to find balance in life

  • 14:40 – How Michael and his wife have leveraged their business partnership together by setting healthy boundaries and making intentional choices

  • 22:51 – How Heroic Public Speaking prioritizes transformation and aims to change the way students think about their craft, leading to growth and success

  • 41:27 – Michael’s advice to entrepreneurs: “Don't build something that you think you should build, build something that you want to build.”


Learn more about Michael:

Michael on Linkedin


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