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Business, Balance, and the Role of Fatherhood

I joined the Doing Business With a Servant's Heart a little while ago with Steve Ramona to discuss my new book "Balanced Growth".

He wrote this about our episode together:

"Join us on an emotional journey with our guest, Dr. Travis Parry, as he shares his father's profound influence on his life and business. Listen in as Travis reflects on the lessons learned from his father, a community pillar, a business owner, and his mentor.

Experience the heartbreak and transformative power of losing a parent too soon, and discover the vital role of living a life with purpose. Travis opens up about writing his father's obituary and how it sparked an internal reflection that changed his life and career.

You can take advantage of Travis' insight on the psychology of workaholism and the importance of balancing work and family life. Drawing from his research and personal experiences, he shares wisdom from his book, Achieving Balance. Listen in as we explore how family shapes one's business journey and why setting boundaries is crucial.

Travis also talks about his new book, Balance, Growth, and shares tips on managing time and growing a business without succumbing to workaholism. This episode is a heartfelt conversation about the impact of fathers, the significance of purpose, and the role of family in business success."

Click The Image Below to Listen to the Podcast Episode

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