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Curating Client-First Success with Brad Barrett, CFP®




More About This Episode:

We are excited to be joined by Brad Barrett, CFP®, on the Balanced Growth Show today. Brad is Managing Director and Partner at One Capital Management LLC, a private wealth advisory firm with nearly 5.3 billion in assets. Passionate about finding new ways to educate investors, Brad share his knowledge and experience through his weekly YouTube videos, podcast and radio show, Make Your Money Matter.

Throughout our conversation, Brad emphasizes the importance of a client-first approach when scaling a business and the critical role culture has played in One Capital Management’s growth and success. From the early days with seven team members to the current scale of ninety, Brad shares some of the challenges, successes, and lessons learned along the way. Tune in for powerful insights on balancing growth, hiring the right people, the importance of company culture, and so much more.

Join us today as we discuss these things:

  • 1:31 – How Brad started his financial career at the age of 16 + the importance of purpose over passion in his story

  • 6:29 – Brad’s idea of success: being present and valued by family

  • 9:45 – Growing One Capital Management from 500 million to 5.3 billion through maintaining a client-first focus, niche marketing, and building a strong in-house team

  • 18:27 – Some challenges faced during the firm’s growth + the emotional and qualitative aspects of financial advising

  • 28:01 – The importance of company culture and prioritizing "the who, not the what" in scaling a business


Learn more about Brad:

One Capital Management

Make Your Money Matter

Follow Brad on social media


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