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Defining Success Holistically with Shawn Rhodes

Updated: Nov 17, 2023




More About This Episode:

Today we have a special guest with us: Shawn Rhodes. Shawn is the Chief Sales Sergeant of Bulletproof Selling, an international keynote speaker, author of four books and a nationally syndicated business columnist. Before dedicating his career to making salespeople bulletproof, he was a Marine Corps war correspondent, tasked with accompanying troops into combat. His work has appeared in Time Magazine, The Wall Street Journal, CNN, NBC, Forbes, Inc, and hundreds of other media outlets.

Throughout this conversation, Shawn focuses on the importance of defining success holistically, focusing on actions and outcomes that are within your influence. He shares valuable insights on conquering common sales challenges, fostering presence and proactivity, and building resilient systems for your business. This conversation will leave you with a fresh perspective on the art of sales and equip you with practical tools and wisdom to approach your professional and personal life with confidence and purpose.

Join us today as we discuss these things:

  • 1:26 – Shawn’s journey from the military to becoming a business owner

  • 4:59 – The fleeting nature of external success + redefining wins within your control

  • 9:34 – How implementing an ideal calendar has transformed Shawn's approach to time management

  • 13:46 – Focusing on key activities that align with your passion and proficiency + delegating/outsourcing other tasks

  • 21:03 – Doing more of what you love in your business to attract clients and increase happiness + reframing limiting beliefs during times of transition

  • 28:44 – Identifying threats to your business and developing systems to mitigate them

  • 33:48 – Shawn’s advice for making your sales more bulletproof


Learn more about Shawn:

Bulletproof Selling

Follow Shawn on social media


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